colds and flu

hi there can any one help me.its that time of the year again when everyones got a cold including me .it just won,t go no matter what i take.can,t take over the counter cold cure due to blood presure medication.found some herbal cold cure all in boots .however read on the back not to be taken by people with ms.unsure as to why.need to get rid of this cold its dragging me down.also i am suppose to have my flu jab next week,so i don,tthink they will give this to me while i,m like this.anyone got any ideas on what i could take .please help!

Hi Mistymoo,

If it’s lasted longer than about a week, you may no longer have a cold, but a secondary infection, which may need treating with antibiotics (even though a cold itself doesn’t respond to these).

I don’t know why your herbal remedy says it’s not to be taken by people with MS. It can only assume it’s echinacea or something, which is reputed to boost the immune system. As MS is thought to be caused by an already over-active immune system, we don’t want anything that boosts it!



I’ve now had a ‘cold’ for 5 weeks, it went from a normal cold to a really bad cold with a cough, but it’s not a chest infection it’s a cough because all the gunk in the cold (if you know what I mean). I was taking the normal Lemsip type thing which helped with the headaches etc. I’ve not been taking anything since the worst of it seems to have gone but, it’s still hanging round and getting right on my nerves :frowning: .

I’ve not been to the doctors because I don’t see the point in going just cos I’ve got a cold and my GP doesn’t really like to give antibiotics for that sort of thing (and I don’t really like taking them) but maybe I should have gone a couple of weeks ago when it was at it’s worst.


I can sympathise it has taken me 3 weeks to recover from a chest infect. Hot Ribena drinks and beetroot juice (Beet it) its orrganic beetroot juiceand should not bother your other drugs. I got it from Waitrose you can find it on a ‘Google’ search.

:slight_smile: Hi,

Although I dont suffer either of these nowadays, there is only one thing to recommend to help alleviate symptoms natural Honey and Lemon. It was recommended by my Doc when my children were growing up and I have used it ever since. Drink it throughout the day have a couple of paracetomol at bedtime, it wont stop the cold or flu in it’s tracks but I found it helped to speed up the healing process.

Also love Albas Oil for the pillow as this also helps to sooth irratated nasal passages, you can also put this in an oil burner to breath in during the day. Hope you feel better soon.