colds and infections


in the last 6 weeks i have had 2 chest infections, one needing antibiotics, and now im in the grip of an exhausting head cold. my symptoms are playing up nicely and have no energy at all. im not dx but i was wondering if anybody else gets cold after cold like this, or am i just unlucky? im not sure if i should go to the docs or do i just stay warm and take usual cold remedys?

lots of love lorraine x x x x x x

Hi Lorraine,

Although infections - particularly respiratory infections like colds - do tend to play havoc with MS symptoms, there’s no evidence MS actually renders us more likely to catch cold. A few people affected by MS are prone to recurrent chest infections, but this can be because swallowing problems mean they’re accidentally inhaling food, which sets up the conditions for infection - not because MS actually makes you catch cold. If you’re not aware of any issues with eating, breathing or swallowing, it’s more likely you’ve just been unlucky, and it has nothing to do with the neurological stuff.

I think just keep warm, and take the usual things. If you have a temperature, try to keep that down with paracetamol, as a high temperature is known to be one of the things that make MS symptoms worse, for a lot of people. But be careful not to take more than the stated dose, as a lot of cold and flu’ remedies have paracetamol already in them. You can take ibuprofen and paracetamol in combination, but not double paracetamol.


Hello Lorraine!

I know exactly what you’re talking about, I’ve had these lingering flu symptoms for over a month now, just when I get rid of a chest infection BAM, I get hit with a water infection, it feels never ending. I’m always at the doctors with these water infections because of the pain, but with the flu/cold stuff I’ve not bothered, I’ve just been buying half of asda chemist. I’m going to book myself in to see my GP about it though because nothing seems to be working. Hope you’re feeling better soon though, and keeping your chin up, it’s nearly Christmas! x


i do have a lot of cold meds in the cupboard and am careful not to take more than recomended dose. i am very fed up with feeling ill all the time and getting colds and infections just seem to be the last straw at the moment! my poor gp must be fed up with me now.

still it could be worse and as you say naomi its nearly christmas

love lorraine x x x x

Hi I was reading another post yesterday where some1 had mentioned that they hadn’t had any coughs or colds for years n put it down to their MS ( due to the over active immune system ) But I have to agree with urself (I’m not dx) I always seem to feel rough for ages either before or after one of my episodes shall we say lol I have a bad chesty cough n runny nose achy joints etc i just put it down to being worn out n just unable to fight anything else off cus my immune system is busy attacking itself ( arguementitive begger atm I have to say lol ) now I’ve completely list track of what I was trying to say lol so I’ll be going now haha if I remember I’ll be back Lou :slight_smile: