MS vs Colds

Evening all

Just looking for a bit of advice. I’ve picked up a mild cold, infact I’m not going to give it the satisfaction of calling it a ‘cold’ - its a sore throat, cough and I’m a little bunged up. Not had a cold for quite a while, but when I have (2011 was just one long cold!) I’ve always shrugged it off, never had to have time off work, have drugged up and just got through it. But since this has come along (Wednesday night) I’ve felt increasingly weak, tired and achey. I was supposed to be working from home today but t****he duvet has come down stairs and I’ve been collapsed in a dozy heap all day.

Does MS make colds etc worse, or do colds bring on MS symtoms? Or am I just getting carried away post dx and trying to link every to having MS?

Any advice would be gratefully receieved

Hi Traitsy, Any infection, but particularly respiratory infections like colds, tend to aggravate MS symptoms. Many people find MS reacts to increasing body temperature, so it could be something as simple as running a slight fever that is making it play up. Tina

Hi Tina Thank you for your reply. Good to know I’m not imagining it! I have got so much to learn about this bloomin’ disease. Thanks again

I never used to get colds but it dose seem to me these days that I just go from one to the next and back again. Cant remember a time since Christmas at least that I haven’t been bunged up or coughing my guts up or both. I will say I’m beginning to become a little bored with the whole cycle now. But I suppose its just another of those thing that makes life with MS interesting, did I say interesting I ment crap