Can being ill make my symptoms worse?

Advice please? I am still fairly new to MS. Since diagnosis my symptoms have never really left me, they just got a little less strong, a bit better. Maybe because I am off of work and resting or eating better and exercising and/or I had a course of steroids? So they never left, but of late have been more cope-able.

But my son has a simple cold and I think that I have the same cold. (My daughter, husband and house guest had it last week.) He has recovered quickly, as did everyone else but i am in bed? I feel as though I have flu. My MS symptoms are much worse and paracetamol does not help. Arrrgh!

Does anyone else get worse symptoms when they get something simple like a cold (is it part of MS)?

thank you x

Hi I am in the process of diagnosis and my dad has had ms for 25 year so and a simple cold can put him on his bum for weeks, this last couple of years if I get a bug it takes longer and longer to shift.

this year was really bad as I started working in a reception class in a primary school and they gave me everything to the point where I had been ill with a cold for 6 months!!

its horrible and I know how you feel especially when others don’t understand why are are still ill and make comments etc.

Hope you feel better soonly and try to take it easy xxxx

Dear Louise, I am a teacher too. I have been signed off for three months but am dreading my return…fatigue, illnesses, symptoms etc. The last few years are beginning to make sense now that I have my diagnosis. Last year I couldn’t seem to shift one bug after another. Thank you for your advice. This forum really helps, especially since there is very little advice available. Sorry that you are mid diagnosis, kindest regards and strength to you. Ali x