ms & a cold

This is the first time I’ve had a cold since DX last year. Does having a cold make ms symptoms worse? Just wondered because the left hand side of my body doesn’t feel right & the tingling has become stronger.

Aww it’s not nice is it, when i get a cold or an infection it makes me feel 10 times worse and my symptoms are worse and takes longer to get rid of it, hope you feel better soonx

Hi, I have a cold just now and it has totally floored me. Walking and balance are a lot worse. Mags xx

I find any kind of infection aggravates the ms, someone told me it has something to do with having a high temperature while the immune system fights it. As soon as the cold/infection goes I usually get back to where I was, even though being SPMS I fear the worst for a time. Get well soon.

Yup i find it makes everything worse though i dont know if it just that i feel rough because of the cold that makes me focus on the ms more hope you feel better soon Mouse

respect sheep

I’m feeling really fed up, I have loads to do. Started to go to the gym last week all set to go again this week & I have no energy to do it.

My while body is feeling sensitive, my left arm is sore. I hoped the vitamin d tablets would knock a cold into touch :’(

Hi Minnie Mouse, I know exactly how you feel, I have a busy few months coming up and trying to get prepared and it is just not happening. Every time I try and do something I just get dizzy but I am so loathe to lie down to it. Got a big family do at the weekend which I really don’t want to miss but what can you do? Mags xx

My mind is all set to get loads done & my body is telling my head to sod off!! Lol

I’m day off today & 2moro, I go away in a few weeks need to get things sorted before I go. I already felt like I was running out of time. I want to curl up into a ball and go back to sleep, but Im not giving in to it!! I’ve not had a cold like this before, the right side of my body feels ok, I’m very award of my left leg. I know sounds strange, I hope I back to normal once this cold has past (which I hope is soon)

Hope you feel better soon honey. I always say that head colds go straight to my legs. They go to jelly and feel so weak. It’s not fair but they just affect us differently. Take care and rest as much as you need to

Tracey x

Thank you.

I messaged my nurse too & she said this is normal too. Just wish it would go now along with these strange side effects of my ms.

I’m annoyed, I’m off work today because I feel so weak. My head feels ok just my body. I’m never off work due to a cold :frowning:

Symptoms get much worse when you have a cold or any other infection.

Also, the cold hangs around longer than before d/x.

Hop you feel better soon. Dose yourself up and get lots of rest.

Shazzie x


Just feeling fed up, not sure if I should go to work 2moro. My head is saying I should be ok

do you think you might have this cold type virus, which is much more than just a cold,ive had it now for 10 days its affected my throat and sinuses,and i fell very ill with it,my dr said its a bad virus that lots of us are getting,we have all had it in my family this last few weeks.

J x

I haven’t had any of those symptoms, the cold itself has been like a regular cold. Its just how my body is feeling, strangley its only the left side.