Cold Virus

Hi All,

Thursday I woke up with a snotty nose.

I was pleased that I’d got through winter without a cold this year, I am Asthmatic and without fail a cold virus normally worsens the Asthma (not unusual to end up on prednisolone for it).

Started feeling really tired on Friday and Friday Night it started affecting my chest already. Yesterday I went to the Supermarket and it took me most of the day to recover. I did have a nap on the sofa. I have ached all over since yesterday. This morning I have the shakes just trying to make my breakfast and wash the dishes, usually I only get these after a lot of physical exertion.

I have read that viral infections can worsen MS Symptoms? How long can I expect it to last? I presume there is no point in bothering the Dr and that I just have to let the virus run its course?

Typical as I have an assessment at my MS Treatment Centre tomorrow and I have my Physio appointment tomorrow afternoon which I have been waiting 2/12 for and am desperate to start.


Hello Snowqueen.

Sorry to hear about the cold virus. When I have them, it’s a case of accepting the consequences knowing that it will pass. It usually exacerbates my general symptoms so I try not to exert myself beyond lumbering to the toilet and bed. While you may feel that some sort of routine needs to be maintained with the everyday chores, you need to be realistic. Both your physio and the people at the centre will understand your current problems so I’d go ahead with them.

I wouldn’t worry about bothering the doctor-if you feel they can help with symptomatic relief then go and see them. You have a genuine condition and your life is being profoundly affected by the cold virus. What is usually an inconvenience for most can be a lot more for us.

Hope you feel better soon.


Hi Snowqueen, I would go see the Dr, it wouldn’t harm to get some reassurance, take care of yourself.


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Thanks guys I am feeling a bit better I went to my appointments and feel empowered now. X