The Common Cold

Hey dudes, I have been smitten by one of my workmates. We work fairly quite close together so it was inevitable i caught it really… Now, I went straight to the Drs’ my lovely boss lady’s would never have forgiven me if I didn’t and they basically told me there was nothing he could prescribe other than rest and just get on with it. This is great, but I have a job to do and sometimes quite a physical one. I love it too much to give it up. I got the flu jab, I feel neither up nor down with it but the cold seems to have subsided. I have been left with the horrible fatigue and I’ve slept most of the weekend. It’s this normal? I know anti biotics cant fix a cold, but I’m more worried about the effects the cold will have on my MS, like the fatigue. I need to go back into work tomorrow and I’m worried I just won’t be able to cope, Any of you experiencing the same? How do you get through your working days? wee Foosty x

Hi wee Foosty

I’m afraid there isn’t much you can do about colds. They vary so much and there isn’t much you can do except ease the symptoms.

I rub Vicks vaporub on my chest at night to ensure I don’t get stuffed up so I get a good night’s sleep, drink plenty of fluids, take paracetomol for a fever, suck Jakeman’s throat and chest sweets as nothing else gets to that tickle in the throat quite like them and, of course, rest lots. Depending on what other medication you are on, you may be able to take decongestants to ease your nose and some other over the counter remedies. Make sure the pharmacist knows what other meds you take though, just to be sure there isn’t anything that doesn’t mix well.

Sometimes I get a cold and it doesn’t bother me too much and another time it leaves me barely able to walk or function. It all depends on the virus going around at the time and how bad my MS is at the time.

Sorry, can’t be more help than that.

Tracey x