MS and the dreaded cold!!

Hi all! Not posted for a while! It would appear that its that time of year again when the dreaded cold attacks and iv woken up with my second cold since october! My mom also has MS and she is always invited to get a flu jab where as i am not. Is it worth mentioning this to my doctor/Ms nurse as last year i had a cold pretty much every 6 weeks through the winter and to be honest i really dont have time for it as work arent the most sympathetic bunch. Any advise would be appreciated x

Hi SammieJo, A flu’ jab will do absolutely nothing about colds, unfortunately - only the real flu’, which you’d certainly know if you had, as it’s much worse than a cold. However, yes, as an MSer, you certainly should be entitled to a flu’ jab on the NHS, and it’s worth doing, even though it won’t stop colds, as a dose of flu’ is not just horrid, but increases the risk of relapse for several weeks afterwards - assuming you have RRMS. I can’t think it’s that great for progressive forms, either. You might have missed the boat this year - don’t know if most surgeries have already finished. But it’s certainly worth asking. If nothing else, you should be on the books for next year, and get your invitation, like your mum. I only ever had to ask the once, and after that, I was registered as eligible, and the invitations turn up automatically. Tina x

Tina is quite right. 'Flu is a very nasty illness and well worth avoiding for the sake of your health and your sickness absence record at work. I had my jab last month, as usual, but the 'flu jab does nothing about colds, alas, which is why I am bang in the middle of one right now and feeling very sorry for myself! But at least it’s only a cold.


Hi I have caught my 13 month olds cold and feeling very sorry for myself. I’m on Fingolimod so though I’d pprobably catch. You are entitled to a flu jab as the disease is on their at risk list fro the doh. They should still be offering until int the new year but get it done ASAP.

Please get a flu jab - a real dose of flu would make a cold look like a walk in the park! Teresa xx

I was never ‘invited’ to have a flu jab!

I wanted to have one so i just turned up at the open clinic at my surgery. They asked why i wanted one and i just said ‘I have ms’ and gave me the jab with no problem.

I now just go every year.

If there is no open flu clinic at your surgery then please ask to speak to the nurse about it.


Thanks for all your advise. Gota admit this cold has been a rubbish one. I couldnt get warm at all last night even with the heating on full, fluffy pjs, blanket and hot ribena so i will definatly be asking about a flu jab because I think my other half wouldnt be able to put up with me with the flu. Thanks all x