feeling frustrated, off work due to a cold!!!!!

I’ve never been off work because of a cold. I just had two days off work (normal days off) today was my first day back & when I got into work I felt totally weak, like I’ve hit a brick wall. My left arm feels really heavy, my left leg feels like jelly and my skin is extra sensitive to the touch. Strangely my right side is ok.

Never knew that having a cold would have this affect on me due to my ms.

My sickness is generally pretty good I feel like a fraud going home from work due to a cold! Just when I thought I was beginning to understand all this.

Guess I must of over done it, I tired to act like I normally would when I have a cold, and that’s usually just plodding along as normal. I know next time I have a cold is too rest.

Annoying thing is my head feels ok, its body that’s telling me otherwise.

Has anyone else felt like this?

Is it worth contacting my gp, I’m thinking not because it is just a cold at the end of the day & I would never normally go to the doctors for a cold.


Unfortunately, having a “normal” cold or anything, triggers a response from ms, and can make you feel I’ll, or it maybe you have an infection brewing. As it is Friday, if you can, might be worth having a word with gp or ms nurse, if you have one.

Time to rest, fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.

Pam x

I messaged my nurse the other day when I first noticed this cold wasn’t what I was use too. She said that my ms symptoms will seem worse & should subside when my cold goes.

I have just sent her another email. Is there much my gp can do?

Well I’ve made an appointment with gp 3.50pm today. Kinda feel that is an over reaction tho, not sure what is for the best. But if I didn’t go today it would be Monday, which thus could be better or worse. And I know work will ask the question if I went to the doctors

I’ve been told to rest :frowning: