Dizzy, tired, aching and on the sick

Hello. First time poster but have been reading the forum for a while. For the past few weeks I’ve been really tired when working, feeling like I’m coming down with cold or flu. I’ve also been dizzy and aching my extremities. My thought processes haven’t been on form and I keep mucking up at work. Ooo and I’ve lost some sensation in my lower left jaw. I had a few days off on holiday to relax last week but haven’t felt upto returning to work and have been off since Thursday. Does this sound like a relapse or could it possibly be a reaction to my meds, which is avonex?? I have an appointment with my nurse on wednesday, can they write sick notes? I’m worried about work as they aren’t impressed with the mistakes I’ve been making and I’ve only been in the job 6 months. This is quite a long whinge, I’m normally very upbeat. Regards.

Welcome I’m sorry you are feeling down. I would have thought the nurse should be able to arrange a certificate as I’m sure I once had a nurse sort one for me. But might be worth giving them a call before you go incase you need appointment with the gp. Do your employers know about your MS?

Yeah they know about my MS. We joke about it usually as I’m quite clumsy as a standard so we laugh it off as MS. What are the number of days you’d need a sick note? Thanks for your response.

Depends on the company policy. I know if I’m on annual leave and then off sick I need a note from the first day. I also worked for a company that were still happy for you to self certify for the 5 days as normal. It must be hard being do new into the role. All I can suggestis you make sure you are fully up to rreturning to work so that you can reduce the mistakes. MS is a pain for confusing us at the best of times having to cope with a new role. I have had to change roles since my diagnosis and only just started going back and I’m afraid I won’t get to grips with it easily. If you do laugh and joke about the MS then hopefully they will understand that MS can be contributing t the mmistakes and hopefully they will suppor you with hhelping you move forward.

Yeah hopefully. I have worked for the company for a while before moving up to this role I just hadn’t had any major sicknesses.

I am sorry Barney Owl, I have just accidentally clicked report post on one of your posts, it wasn’t done intentionally. It’s the bl**dy iPod, I only tried to move the screen down. X

I’ve just read this from my sick bed. It sounds so similar to me at the moment. I’ve overdone things, was really tired all last week and now I’m dizzy and sick and have a constant headache since Friday night. I’m not sure if it’s a migraine, the MS or virus as I keep feeling hot and dizzy and that’s not usual with a migraine. Either way I’m stuck in bed until it passes and I feel weak as a new-born kitten. I’m really hoping it passes soon as I don’t fancy trying to get to the doctor’s like this and trying to get a house call is pointless!

I hope you feel better soon and get your sick-note sorted. I agree with the others, even if you have been on holiday for some of the time, it’s best to get the sick note dated from when you were first ill as it can go down as sickness and not holiday. That way you can save your holiday for when you are well enough to enjoy it.

Take care

Tracey x

Thanks Tracey, just spoke to the mother bear who deals with hr and she doesn’t think I’ll need one (if I’m back in work for Thursday). I’m sure I’ll feel better soon it’s just the first time I’ve felt so run down but I have only been diagnosed for a year.

Yeah, the first year can be tough, not knowing what’s a relapse and what’s just symptoms playing up. Rest up lots, it sounds like you have understanding employers

Tracey x

So I’ve seen the nurse and we are changing the meds from avonex to rebid. Not enthralled with the increase in the frequency of injections but hey Ho. She has also recommended a course of high dose steroids and a couple of weeks off work. This is being faxed over to my gp this afternoon. Just as a kick in the teeth my gp reception has advised that they don’t have any appointments till the 31st,although they said to ring back once they have the fax and they’ll see. I find this frustrating, what can I do if they can’t get me an appointment?