A day in the life of.

With regards to DL post, daybreak 8-10.

I missed this article on Daybreak but I can have a good guess at how it all went.

I have been in linbo for aprox 2 1/2 yrs now.I Have a lot of the usual symptoms that we all associate with here on the forum plus a dx of optic neuritis.

I am honest as I can be with everyone and that includes my place of work.
I have chose work as my topic due to it being mentioned in one of the responses to the above post saying that on the programme is was said that ’ Some people with MS work full time’…Well God 'elp em is all I can say…
I dont have a DX and I work full time
It is getting harder and harder.
After 6/8 wks of having a bit of a hard time of it with my symptoms I had some sick leave.
I phoned in 2 hours before my shift was due to start. The reason was that I had got out of bed, fell over, tried walking holding on to the furniture but my head was in a major whiz and I felt so so sick.

When I went to bed I was OK…when I woke up…I wasnt OK.

After giving it 1/2 hour to see if I got any better I decided to phone in sick due to symptoms persisting.
I explained…as I have above…and said I would seek medical advice from out of hours.

Brief info…Over the next couple of wks I was on various medications and saw Dr’s a number of times…fell over a lot, Vomited a lot and was (ill a lot)…at all times I kept my work place informed.

Back to work I go (cos the GP felt I was well enough to go back after 2 wks off) hmmmm.

In work.

When you are sick it is a requirement that you ring in at “such and such a time”

“but I was not ill at that time and I was asleep, but I did phone in 2 hours prior to my start time beecause as soon as I awoke my symptoms hit me like a steamroller”.

Well we need as much time as possible and we would like you to try harder to give us more notice whenever possible?

Yes I will and I do.

Well, others manage it.

Excuse me for saying so but out of a staff of 25 in my dept: only 2 staff have had less time off than me.

Well, we hope you settle back into work well. Thank you.

We have wonderful things in place in my employment…sick, maternity,paternity etc.

But I am beginning to think it is all a bit of a paper chase…

We have very clever people with very clever ways of making you get stressed of your head while still smiling at you. (all very PC) and into the bargain…I still felt rough.

My life at the moment is resting up in all my spare time just so as I can be well enough OR have energy enough to work…for what…to be asked to try harder.

God I wish I could afford to give up and do voluntry

But well done to all of you that manage to work and get along nicely…you have my verybest wishes and respect.

Just another side to an illness that as of yet is still lurking in the shadows and everyday lfe and living.

Best wishes and thank you for reading


Hi Chinny, in my experience a lot of these places have wonderful procedures on paper... but not always in reality... like knowing you are going to be ill in advance! How daft is that!

It's very tough working when you are struggling with symptoms... no wonder it gets you down. Rest as much as you can. Try not to stress on it. Look around and see if you are working harder than others there... bet you are... if so slow down. You don't always have to be the best (I know I was like that when I worked... went the extra mile... but nobody ever thanked me for it and now I suppose I'm the only one that remembers).

Good post though...

Pat x

Hi chinny x it’s a mad world! I’ve been off on sick leave for 9 weeks now and at least another 6 to go!

At first I was worried sick and kicking and screaming and performing!!!

Now I’m a bit more resigned to it! Whatever will be will be x I can’t help it -it’s not my fault etc

One thing I have realised is that everything has gone on without me! The whole institution hasn’t collapsed -nothing drastic has happened -apart from what’s happened to me x

Like you said - I also have realised just how much my world has been revolving around work - it had got to the point where every spare second was spent resting in order to function at work! I had no social life left - no time for me x

This will probably be the same when I go back but I’m going to have to learn a few lessons ie I need to slow down!! Companies, institutions etc Will support you as far as they can but in the end they will always close ranks and protect themselves xxxxjenxxx

Hi Chinny

having support at work is so important - I'm sorry you're having a bit of a rough time. I work in a hospital and am lucky my manager is great. I'm not diagnosed but they know the scenario and know that as long as I am fit to do my job I'd prefer to come into work - so anytime I do take time off even if I've had to ring in at short notice they know it can't be helped.

I think people in general don't have a clue about the impact of neuro conditions. I wish there was more awareness so people in these situations can get cut some slack.

Hard though it is take things easy and try not to over work. Your health comes first. If you're stressed and doing too much it will just make you worse.