Have anybody had to give up work?

Hello, I was recently diagnosed in October 2012, I had not worked for the three weeks leading up to my diagnosis and then finally my hospital admission. I was then told I was not to work for the next 3 months. I am a cooking teacher and rely heavily on having lots of patience, strength and endurance in my day. Which often I have trouble doing this in my normal day. I find that I have trouble multi tasking, staying on track, easily distracted ( I was getting into the shower and here I am!) finishing tasks, (dishwasher still not fully packed!) and have very limited patience somedays. I also have weakness in my left arm and find that somedays I could really sleep the day away! I really can not see myself going back to work. and I am someone that if I can not do it with 110% like I did before getting sick then I can not do it half heartedly. Everybod has stold me to not stress with the little things like messy house etc, but I find this very hard as being organised and tidy is me! that who makes me ME! With not working I have been anle to say to myself that bler! the dishes aren’t done will do them tomorrow! but when you work their is No tomorrow!

So I am wondering if anybody else has had to quit work and how did you go about telling your employer? I am very nervous and scared as I loved my job and I know they dont want me to go!

thank you x

And gracious I need glasses and also to learn to spell again! sorry! lol!

Hi Shann

I am a nurse who was working in a nursing home. I went off sick Dec 2010 as I physically couldn’t manage the work. Long story but due to health I needed surgery and now have “probable ms”. I went back to work for a few months doing admin but had to give that up too, now my GP has given me a 12 month sick note. Have you ever…? I don’t know now if I’ll ever go back and it’s awful. I love my job. What I’m learning to do now is just wait and see. If I continue to worry about it then I’m not living now, and it has been over 2 years, I would be a nervous wreck. What keeps me sane now is setting realistic targets every day. One day it could be cleaning or cooking a decent meal, another day it could just be making someone smile. The point I’m trying to make is just take each day as it comes but do something every day that makes it worthwhile. If you are able to work you will. If you can’t, you still have life and purpose.

Good luck

Min x

Thank you MIn! and yep! thats what I am going to do? I just went to the doctor today and he gave me a new certificate for another 2-3 mths! so will just play it by ear! thank you for understanding sometimes it really does help hearing what someone else is up to! and you made me smile today!



Thank you MIn! and yep! thats what I am going to do? I just went to the doctor today and he gave me a new certificate for another 2-3 mths! so will just play it by ear! thank you for understanding sometimes it really does help hearing what someone else is up to! and you made me smile today!



Hiya Shann

I no longer work and haven’t really been able to since my diagnosis. I was a manager in a call centre when I was diagnosed. My diagnosis was a complete shock to me, I’d had tingly feet and thought nothing off it, then over Christmas 2005 felt terrible, a big like flu but not flu. I went back to work after the Christmas break, still not feeling right but being a workaholic I got on with it. All of a sudden my vision went blurred so I finally went to my GP. I saw a semi retired locum who asked me loads of questions about how I’d been feeling, not just about my vision going funny and he told me to go to A&E, no rush, the next day would do. So off I went, I was kept in and they said it was either a minor stroke or MS an MRI would help. Had the MRI and loads of other test and was then told I had MS, go away and get on with life I might not have another relapse for 5 years so try not to worry. So off I went, I stayed at my mums as I was all over the place and not safe to be left to fend for myself. I was signed off for another 2 weeks and planned to go back to work after that. Unfortunatley I had another relapse before then and ended up back in hospital for a further week…more steroids. In the end I had another 2 relapses and was signed off for 6 months in total.

During that 6 months, the company I worked for closed the call centre down and I was made redundant, so the option of going back to work was taken away from me. As I was relapsing all the time I went on incapacity benefit. I was really worried as I’d had always worked and didn’t know how I’d cope without the day to day routine let alone the money. Once I went on DMD’s I thought I’d be sorted enough to be able to get another job, maybe not doing the same thing as before but at least something. Everytime I had a couple of weeks of feeling ‘normal’ I’d think yeah I could work…then MS would rear its ugly head and put paid to those plans. I eventually came to realise that I’m not able to work at all. Who’s going to employ someone who can’t string a sentence together, get confused if more that 2 people are talking, wobbles into thing if there’s anything else going on, can’t concentrate for more than 5 mins at a time and forgets her own name 1/2 the time (and that’s on a good day now)!

I manage to fill my days and now don’t know how I’d fit work in. Mostly it’s bit’s of house work and other not very exciting stuff but at least it keeps me busy and doesn’t tend to get on top of me too much.


x (p.s. it took me ages to write this so sorry if it goes on too much or doesn’t make much sense)

Hi again Shan… I replied to you on ppms board.

Shan your employer is required by law to ‘make reasonable adjustments’… in other words, to do their best to make your job so that you can continue doing it. This can mean reducing your hours of work, giving you a less stressful job or providing aids and adaptations so you can do your job.

If this is absolutely impossible they can let you go.

Be very careful about giving up work Shan purely from a benefits point of view. If you ask for your employer to let you go you might not be entitled to benefits… and at the moment benefits are making life very hard for us all.

Have you a union shop steward that you can see about this? If not, I suggest you see your local Citizens Advice Bureau… number in local phone book or ask at local library.

Also, the website ‘Benefits and work’ has great advice. For most of the info you have to be a member… about £20 fee… but well worth it. There is also a forum and I find the users very knowledgable so you can find out a lot from people who have been in same situation.

The last thing you want to do is give up your job voluntarily and find yourself without benefits or on JSA… where you will have to make huge efforts to look for work.

Certainly don’t do anything immediatly until you fully understand your rights and what you will be entitled to.

Good luck. I gave up work 6 years ago as couldn’t cope… and it was huge relief after pushing myself so hard for so long.

Pat x


If you smiled then I have excelled today. You made me smile too so there’s your achievement for the day, welcome to my world. I go to see an old man a couple of times a week and took himout today for a little drive and it meant the world to him. You just have to change your outlook on the success of your day. Have you tried to claim ESA or DLA yet? That’s something you may have to consider doing. You may even qualify for DLA even if you are able to work.

Finding a hobby helped me too. As Sue pointed out, you will find a way to pass the day, and life doesn’t stop because your body doesn’t work as it used to.

Good luck

Min x