struggling to keep working

Hi there new to this but been diagnosed 6 years now im just seeking advice or friendly listenimg ear really from ppl who get me…im married with 3 children and although iy work part time am finding it increasingly difficult coping am feeling so overwhelmed and exhausted all the time but not so scared to giv up my job even though im not paid mych…sorry just needed to vent xxxx

Hi Honeypot :slight_smile: I understand exactly where you are coming from. I have just recently stopped working ( not sure yet if it is for good ) i too have kids, and dealing with all that MS throws at me, making sure the kids are ok, going to work, housework etc etc have all recently taken their toll. So time out for me now and I have to say, I am starting to feel a bit better about it all. Perhaps you could ask your GP to sign you off for a month or so ( my GP did that when I went to see her and I was falling apart at the seams ) just to give you a break .then you could see how you feel about it and the job will still be there if you choose to go back. Best wishes xx

Thank you amanda i think i may just do that at present im working to pay nursery fees so its frustrating albeit itsnot forever xx

Hi there, know exactly how you feel, i’m going through the same thing. GP signed me off for three weeks just to get myself together, getting in touch with physio tomorrow to get some much needed movement advice. Unfortunately I was told by the CAB that I wouldn’t be entitled to benefit help because my OH is self employed, so i’m in the position of not being able to give up or cut down my hours, really not helping the situation. I’m really struggling and don’t know where to turn but this site gives much needed support. Hope you can make a decision about things soon. Good luck Linda x

Its so hard isnt it i hope u get the support u need from physio and it helps you xx

Hello Honeypot and Linda,

I’m like you both just now and we are not alone as you are seeing from your posts replies!

Being a working Mum with MS is very tough!

I was off work sick for 10 months last year, big time relapses and deterioration and am now back at work, working part time and also looking after a home and young child, it’s not easy and I feel like you are saying: constantly tired and feeling like I’m chasing my tail, getting nowhere, just falling apart. I feel like shouting “stop the bus I want to get off!”

I also need to stay working, my husband is out of work just now, so I’m the bread winner and can’t take anymore sick time, as I’d be on nil pay, though as AmandaP suggested, if I were you Honeypot I’d go see GP and get a wee bit of time out, to assess things and just get a breath!

Take care and maybe buy a lottery ticket, I’ve got mine on for Tuesday!



Hi hun.

Welcome aboard the good ship MSS and others…like me with ISP. I was mis-diagnosed with PPMS for years, but I like to linger around these parts.

I gave up work back in 2000. I was falling all over the place…including into the glass porch at work…yes, ouch very much!

Dont be a martyr to work…look after yourself and then you`ll have more quality time with your family.

If you stop work, will you be able to claim for nursery places?

luv Pollx

Hiya, if i give up work we would be able to manage my youngest is only in nursery whilst i work as she is only 12 months old and my boys are 13 and 9… Its just my hubbys job is on and off short time hourz so its just a worry im plodding on and on getting more stressed and overwhel.ed as i go im so fatigued some days i cant cook tea but my hubby is great it just feels a scary decision to give up my job of 9 years xx

Hi, remember that your employer has to legally provide reasonable adjustments to help your working life. Has your workplace got access to occupational health or HR dept? With a MS diagnosis you are covered under the DDA so you have some protection under the law. Access to work may also be able to help. If you are in a union and are getting nowhere contact them to make sure your employer complies. I definitely agree with everyone else though - sounds like you need a break to regroup and signing off work would be a good plan but also think about my suggestions too. They need to be looking after you and making things easier. Good luck x

Thank you stans mum my employers hav been really good i only work 17 hours there isnt anything really they could change for me really i think im guna try a rest thanks for advice x