Bad Cold

Ok, have a bad cold though as I say “ManFlu”! Do you find your MS symtoms become exaggerated. My eyes are killing me, both in tears and the muscles as well. This is on top of balance/aching joints. I feel like I have been run over by a car (which happened when I was a kid, but that is a different story!)

Hi Vince,

Yes, I’m always bad with a cold - it comes with the territory. If it’s a feverish cold, try to keep your temperature down with paracetamol, as it may be the increase in body temperature that aggravates the symptoms.

Hope you feel better soon. Better this week than Christmas, eh? I used to be unfailingly ill at Christmas, every single year. Hardly ever happens these days - except I’m still ill, of course. Just not with coughs, colds, flu’, sicky bugs, etc. etc.



Hi Vince I think any infection such as colds exhasberate our symptoms I had a cold a couple of weeks ago and it put me to bed for 3 days - my whole body felt like it had been injected with concrete. Oh the joys of MS Hope you feel better soon & on the plus side at least you didn’t get it for Christmas x

True on the Christmas front. Usually the bad colds pass me by but then, am new to this MS and having a cold lark! Usually go out and run it off! Only thing is am supposed to be driving Manchester to Wolves in 48 hours then back for a night out in Manchester Bit of a damp squid if it hasn’t lifted by then!

Run it off? Oh if only lol let’s hope you feel in a better place in 48hrs and you can get that night out in Manchester. Whisky’s good for colds!! Sue x