colds and ms


I have been fighting a cold for the last 3 weeks or so and a lot of my past relapse symptoms have returned and they seem to be a lot worse.

So bad i even had to use a walking stick just to get my son to school.

Does anyone else get these problems?? Do they go when the cold goes?? I am soo sooo wiped out with it too. Feel like i could sleep for an eternity :-((

Hi In answer to your question mu symptoms have got worse since having several infections one after another. I think I have now fought them off now so hopingthat my relapse ssymptoms improve. Tiredness is the worst thing to manage. I hope you feel better soon big hugs Barney


My mum is now in progressive stage, but has recently had 2 colds about a month apart and completely wipes her out. My adivce is regular paracetemol (every 4 hours). And as soon as you have the time you MUST get the flu jab!

You may have already done this but my mum still hasn’t and is so frustrating because I see how bad these colds get!

Good luck and hope you feel better soon x

I have a stinking cold at the inute and feel rubbish, does seem to exagerate my symptoms as well.


Definitely yes.

I have a cold at the moment and all my symptoms are worse. Get lots of rest.

Hope you feel better soon.

Shazzie xx

Ditto with the cold - normally I start with the echinachea at this time of year but the pesky wee bugs have done for me first, the gits.

Normally it doesn’t make that much of a difference with my symptoms but I was on a phone conference this afternoon and could hardly keep my eyes open. Of course that could have more to do with the topic of conversation than anything else.

Oh well, nothing else for it, I’ll have to have a wee hot toddy or two this evening - hehe hehe - medicinal purposes of course

JBK xx

Thanks for the replieshope everyone gets better soon.

Its that annoying time of year for bugs and with the weather changing too its hard not to get colds.

Went to my local M.S centre today and after taking a while to (accept) the way my M.S is now i have decided to go ahead with Tysabri.

Hard decision but hopefully the right one.

Nite all xx