I have some sort of infection and feel terrible - need advice

For the past four days I have had a mild infection that started with conjunctivitis and a sore throat, but I cant get rid of the fever and last nightwas drenche in sweat and felt terrible. I dont think I am having a relapse, but my head aches my neck feels weird and I just generally feel like death warmed up. Ive bee to a GP - my usual doctor who is very good is on maternity leave - who wasnt remotely cncerned and just said, its that time of year when everyone gets a viral infection and sent me home. But I am worried, what shall I do?

Take paracetomol drink as much fluid as you can and rest hope you better soon

Thanks, I know I sound stupid but I have never felt this crappy before in my life, I feel just like I did when i was recovering from a relapse so was freaking out a bit

thanks for the message

My husband has these episodes he has proggessive ms but he is a lot worse as weather warms up my daughter has m/e aswell and never feel like you can’t keep going to the doctor if your not happy with treatment then make another appointment hun x

I wonder if you have the flu jab, I ask this as my husband has had a really nasty dose of flu recentley, as have many people in our area of Kent.

I didn’t catch it because (I think) I had the flu jab back in October.

Hope you feel better soon.

Wendy x

Yeah, I was just going to suggest that it sounds alarmingly like the flu to me. Definitely get temperature down with paracetamol and drink lots. If you have a temperature from the infection it will be making you feel like you are relapsing. Hope you have someone there to look after you. Hope it passes quickly. xx

Thanks Stansmum. I had a quick chat with the MS Society helpline and now feel a bit better.

I also have a confession. The night before I got sick we had some friends over and drank far more than I have done for about ten years. We had a great night - new neighbours etc etc. I’ve just done some research on MS and drinking and apparently drinking heavily can cause the immune system to crash completely, hence the viral infection. I guess I wont be drinking more than 1 or two again glasses again. You cant drink like a student when youre in your 40s, even more so when youve got MS!!

Thanks for all the support, I feel like Ive turned a corner today thanks to this forum and the helpline.

Regarding your last point - I normally do all the looking after!! we have an 18 month old and my wife has a very involved job, so when I go down its a bit tough. But like I say, Im glad this forum is here.

So glad you are feeling better. I had to laugh at your drinking in your 40’s comment - ha ha! So true even without MS to make you wobbly!! I didn’t know it could affect your immune system though so thanks for the tip. Anyway glad you are on the mend x

infections cause a pseudo relapse

(just thought i’d throw this in)

its a crying shame if we cant socialise and celebrate. i’m another who occasionally has a drink but i’ve switched to gin and tonic instead of beer

carole x

its ok carole we can still socialise and celebrate - I didnt want to admit it but we were four and started the night with two quite strong cocktails and a few beers. in the morning there appeared to be four empty red win bottles in the bin and nobody recalls saying goodbye or going home!!!

i think we could proably reduce the intake by at least half and still have a whale of a time!

infections causing a pseudo relapse is very comforting - i felt like I was having a relapse, mentally at least - if you know what I mean