Think I may have infection - worried.

Hi all, I’m undiagnosed but had my first attack following being unwell with a virus/infection. The past couple of days I’ve been feeling like I’m coming down with a lurgi, & took the day off work today, been in bed all day with usual body aches, feeling hot/cold & generally ill. Wouldn’t normally be bothered or worried about this but seeing as what happened to me last time I am. I think it may be an infection cause my throat on the right is killing me, hurts to swallow, hurts to stick Tongue out, swollen gland on right & ear ache in right ear. If it’s no better tomorrow I will go to doctors on sat morning to see if I need anti biotics. Can I ask… Even if I do get antibiotics to clear it up, it will make no difference to me potentially having another ms attack weather I get them or not will it really? If it’s gonna happen its gonna happen isn’t it…? The neuro said to me when he said it was undiagnosed (but doc said it was transverse myelitis) that a virus is fine just take paracetamol, but an infection could bring it back (but it was likely that this would never happen again). Naturally worried, obviously x

Avoiding serious and debilitating infections (like 'flu) is a good idea with MS, that’s for sure, which is why many of us (me included) take up the offer of an annual flu jab.

But ‘ordinary’ winter bugs are another matter, and there is no avoiding them, alas. We all get them, no one can avoid them, and they do not normally trigger MS problems of a serious nature, so please try not to worry too much. Bugs can take longer to recover from when you’re generally not too well, though, so it is important to be patient and be gentle with yourself. I hope you feel better soon. Please try not to worry.