Actually freaking out a tad!! xx

Hi everyone,

I hope you are well and had a good weekend.

So in October after pins and needles, abnormal sensation from the waist down I had loads of scans and basically they found inflammation in my neck, spine and brain, brain was the most affected with over 10 lesions of inflammation, ok so that freaked me the hell out! I was actualy ill with a virus before all this started so the neurologist thinks it is likely to be a viral infection. He suggested i have another brain scan in the new year.

However, ever since then i have these moments where im like omg what if it is MS? I mean if it is- then it is but i mean i just been gettin kinda anxious/panicky since then. why did he say it had a 50% chance of it bein MS? i thought this would have to happen again to even be considered?!

I could really do with some advice to calm me down :slight_smile:

thanks guys. lots of love xx

oh bex, thinking of you. that is so not helpful, i would have thought the same as you it has to happen twice for it to be ms, so perhaps he’s just covering himself just in case it comes back and he finds more evidence. keep smiling and think positive xxx

Part of the criteria for DX of MS is ‘episodes seperate in time and space’. This basically means that for it to be MS, after all other possibilities have been eliminated, you have to have had MS type experiences in different parts of the body (eg optic neuritis and mobility issues) at different times (ON in June, mobility probs in September)

It is quite possible to just have the one of event - clinically isolated syndrome - so here’s hoping!