Final Conclusion!!!

Hey guys!!

I hope you are all well.

So this is where i am at right now…All my blood tests and chest x ray came back normal so it means whatever virus i had that caused all this inflammation in my nervous system is not a nasty one!

I am having another brain scan next year, as would give me an idea to see how it is reducing, as the neurologist said he cannot tell if it will develop into MS!!

My main symptom at the mo is dizzyness! so weird but think that might be more low blood pressure then inflammation.

I have been feeling very anxious after everything that has happened and was wondering if any of you had any tips to combat anxiety?

bex x

It’s great that the other symptoms have gone away Bex :slight_smile:

Can’t really help with anxiety because although I know what helps me, you might need something completely different. I would recommend that you go and see your GP - I’m sure he/she will be able to help you.

Karen x

Hi Karen

Thanks for replying to me.

I still have some tingly feeling from the knee down but guess it will take aaaages to go.

I went to my dr and he says its anxiety from all the stress over the last few weeks and told me to breathe properley.

What works for you if you dont mind me asking?


I think the thing that helps me most from getting too anxious about what will happen with my MS is accepting that there is actually nothing I can do about it, but if and when things happen, I will deal with them. It’s the same approach I take to any scary thing - if there is something I can do, then I do it, but if there isn’t, then I absolve myself of responsibility and hand over control to whoever’s in charge. Of course that doesn’t mean I am sitting around waiting for things to happen - that’s where knowledge comes in. I know about MS. I know the chances of things happening and I know the meds and treatments etc that are available to help. I know there are some amazing drugs in late stage trials, with the real possibility of a cure happening well within my lifetime. I also know that no matter what happens, my husband will be there for me. All of that keeps a lid on fear, most of the time. When I have a bad relapse, I get scared. I think we all do. But then I remember that I’ve come through them before and successfully adapted to whatever residual symptoms have been left.

Ultimately, there is no point in worrying about something that might never happen. But if it does, I will deal with it.

The thing is, some of that is hard to apply when the possibility or diagnosis of MS is very new. Maybe you can take my word for it?!?!:
There is no point in worrying about something that might never happen. But if it does, you will deal with it.

Karen x