Since being diagnosed with ms in 2009 i have had to also deal with having extreme bouts of anxiety. It started when the whole process of being diagnosed with ms started and the afterwards of coming to reality of having ms happened. Before ms i did experience anxiety in its mildness form here and there but never like i have since this all happened. Its been really hard for me to deal with and its hard for me to talk about this with people cause most of the time they dont understand what im going through. My biggest problem now is that the anxiety has built up so much now that its crept into all aspects of my life (for example if i leave the house i start worrying that someone is going to rob the place while im gone so when im out i cant concentrate). I can never go through a day without it.

It itself is starting to cause me more anxiety just thinking about having anxiety. I was just wondering if anyone else has had the same experience as me? and also should i go to the doctors about this problem?

Yes, I would go to the doctor. The anxiety seems to be impinging more on your life than the m.s.

I’ve never been an anxious person but recently have suffered a bout of acute anxiety for seemingly no reason. I moved house and became afraid of the smallest sound. I became fanatical about locking doors and windows. We had a bit of trouble with the local children that I blew up all out of proportion until I was too frightened to go into the garden.

I don’t know if such a thing is possible but I decided that I had a lesion on the brain. This was all so out of character that it had to be MS. I had just decided to go to the GP when like ice in spring sunshine it just melted away.

I do think the GP is your answer because I know too well that life with that level of anxiety is very debilitating.

Yes, I thought that I could control it but ask those who are close to me!



Yes, anxiety is most certainly an MS symptom. I have had this for years and the anxiety used to keep me indoors for far longer than the physical symptoms did. I first started meditating, deep breathing etc, etc, but I have found beta blockers far better and a real godsend, so it certainly doesn’t rule my life anymore. I am sure that you would feel heaps better on something like this, so that this added anxiety won’t add to the initial anxiety itself. Your GP will agree I’m sure and he/she should be your first port of call.

Good luck,