Since being diagnosed with ms in 2009 i have had to also deal with having extreme bouts of anxiety. It started when the whole process of being diagnosed with ms started and the afterwards of coming to reality of having ms happened. Before ms i did experience anxiety in its mildness form here and there but never like i have since this all happened. Its been really hard for me to deal with and its hard for me to talk about this with people cause most of the time they dont understand what im going through. My biggest problem now is that the anxiety has built up so much now that its crept into all aspects of my life (for example if i leave the house i start worrying that someone is going to rob the place while im gone so when im out i cant concentrate). I can never go through a day without it.  
It itself is starting to cause me more anxiety just thinking about having anxiety. I was just wondering if anyone else has had the same experience as me? and also should i go to the doctors about this problem?

I think there is another recent post about anxiety. I think you should go and see your GP if you feel that your anxiety is getting too much, I'm sure they can give you something or advice to help you feel calmer.

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Sorry that you're struggling with this, but it's good that you're acknowledging it and are wanting to get help. Something that might help is CBT (cognitive behavoural therapy). I took part in a research project that involved doing an online course in it, and I found it really helpful. Although I don't particularly get anxiety, it is one of the things that CBT can help with, as it helps to re-train your thinkng and thought patterns. 

It's something that your GP or MS nurse should be able to refer you for, so give them a call to try & find out about it.

Hope you get the help you need


The earlier thread on this was here: Hope it helps.

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