Anxiety with MS


this is my first ever post so bare with me ;/

I was diagnosed with MS in January I am 29 and only had a few symptoms but my mri confirmed the worst ;(

I have dealt with everything pretty much okay, I got on rebif quickly and have learnt to deal with the injections (just about!) the only thing that I have developed new is anxiety, I pretty much keep myself locked away apart from work! I used to be very sociable but even just going out for a drink with friends I seem to put off now! I guess Ms hit me as a massive shock and maybe I’m worried everytime I go out that something will happen to me?

My only symptoms have been tingly and numbness and the hug but other than that I consider myself lucky compared to people that do suffer so much!

My question is… Does anyone else get this, is it normal and how can I start to get my life back on track after my diagnosis. I am getting married next year and should b excited but I even worry about that!

Can anyone relate to this?

Thank you

hi emkcam

you are still going through the acceptance process and it can be hard.

my gp put me on citalopram when was going through diagnosis. it really helps calm me down.

mindfulness meditation is great. there are lots of free downloadable things for this. (start a new post asking about it because there are lot of fans on here)

see your gp and ask if there anything that can help you.

join your nearest ms therapy centre - these are great places and have lots of people of all ages.

they offer a wide range of therapies including HBOT hyperbarric oxygen therapy.

see if your friends will go to the cinema.

try to get out and about but in baby steps.

good luck and i hope you get back to normal for your wedding

carole x

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Hi carole

Thanks so much for your post. I need to accept things and move forward with baby steps?

I will talk to my gp, mayb there i something I can take that will help me a little like yourself.

I hope things will settle down and I can live a normalish life :slight_smile:

Thanks again

I have had Ms a long time so acceptance is not my problem but a couple of years ago I suffered with debilitating anxiety. I have no doubt that it was illness related because I was afraid of things that never bothered me before. I had a course of counselling and it made all the difference. I still sometimes “catastrophise” but in the main I have recovered my optimistic outlook. Good luck!


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i have this also but would say that my body from the shoulder up works fine so i am limited to what o can do so have more time to analyse things were in the past i was too busy ,saying that wendels may have a point

Thanks so much for all your comments

I am new to this forum only joined today and so pleased I did, I hope I can take it all on board and move on with things.

Thanks you again

Hiya Emkcan

Welcome to this brilliant site. I was diagnosed in 2005 and have been a member since then. I have made loads of friends on here and have received lots of good advice. I am sure you will too.

I remember the anxiety at the beginning but it does get better honestly. I too am on Rebif and I also take Gabapentin for the spasms and the hug but this does help me sleep and helps with anxiety too.

Hope things get better for you and I hope you have a wonderful wedding.

Take care.

Shazzie xx

Hi Emkcan, welcome to the forum The anxiety you’re experiencing is very normal after you’re recent dx. I think we all go through it at one time or another, especially at the beginning. Try to keep going out with your friends, now is a time that you could need their support. Of course I’m assuming they know you have MS? It might be good for you to share your anxieties with them, good friends will want to lend a hand to help you…but might be upset if you’re turning down chances to go out & have some fun with them.

Take care of yourself & look forward to your lovely wedding next year

Rosina x

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Thanks everyone for the comments! I went out to a wedding fair today with some friends and it felt great to be out :wink: little and often and hopefully I’ll be back to normal life soon! It sounds like it is a common feeling amongst everyone which is so reassuring!

Anxiety is very hard to deal with but if I let it beat me then I won’t have a very great married life! I have amazing supportive friends and an amazing fiancée which I must talk to about my fears? I try to be strong but no shame in letting people in! I lost a good friend recently as I was consumed with anxiety for weeks and kept cancelling on her… I thought she would understand but I do need to make the effort where I can :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words x

Hello Emkcan,

I was diagnosed years & years ago and right from the off, anxiety has always been my worst symptom. I was given counselling and tranquillisers but all the time I was assured that it was ‘just me’. I have since learned that MS can affect pretty much any part of the brain and euphoria and anxiety are two of the most common symptoms. I still take medication for this anxiety and it is still very much a bed fellow, though I no longer take tranquillisers (these give me lead legs and MS can do that on it’s own!) but beta blockers I find much more useful. But even with this I do need a shaparone in most places. I hope that your own problems are due to your reaction to the illness rather than the illness itself, but even if it isn’t there are lots of ways of coping. Best of luck.


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Just a thought, the rebif could be causing your anxiety. I wasn’t allowed to take it as I have a history of anxiety and depression. It might be worth talking to your neurologist about it. Lisa x

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I’ll add my greetings to everyone else. I’m diagnosed almost 11 years and my symptoms are similar to yours (not so much on the hug though) You will get used to what you can and cannot do and then hopefully the anxiety will go as you get to know your limits again.

Good luck with the wedding plans.


Hi Emkcam

I was diagnosed last July and after a relapse in November I seem to be suffering with a bit of anxiety and I did start to shut myself away and not go out much as I didn’t want to tire myself out. My nurse was really good and said if I wasn’t careful my world would get smaller and smaller and it would be harder and harder to get myself out of it. So I joined my local sports centre and have started to go swimming to build up some strength in my legs. Albeit I have only been once as I came down with a cold but I understand the I have to do something for myself because that in itself will make you less ancious if you get where I am coming from. Going out with friends is the best way for this I have a really good friend who comes and picks me up as I do not drive very far anymore and we go for wonders around gardens or gardens centres and we spend alot of time sitting and chatting and when she drops me back home I feel like a different person. Just talkng to you now is making me feel better as sharing is the best thing. I am glad you have joined this forum as it is a wonderful source of help to all. I hope you start to feel better x