Final Conclusion!!!

Hey guys!!


I hope you are all well.


So this is where i am at right now...All my blood tests and chest x ray came back normal so it means whatever virus i had that caused all this inflammation in my nervous system is not a nasty one!


I am having another brain scan next year, as would give me an idea to see how it is reducing, as the neurologist said he cannot tell if it will develop into MS!!


My main symptom at the mo is dizzyness! so weird but think that might be more low blood pressure then inflammation.


I have been feeling very anxious after everything that has happened and was wondering if any of you had any tips to combat anxiety?


bex x

Best suggestion I could give is do things that occupy your time. If I'm not doing anything I start thinking about the various ways I could be dead within the week related to my MS. (I know...morbid!)

Read books, watch movies, cook, paint, draw, have friends over all the time, get pets, gardening, if you are capable of going out, go out a lot, drive, walk, play video games, phonecalls, browse the internet for "whatever" , shop etc.

Do things that make you concentrate on other things no matter how trivial. Take up new hobbies to give you new challenges, force yourself to keep thinking about other stuff. If you are housebound like me, we live in a time where everything is available from a computer via the internet, take advantage of that as much as possible.

Hi Bex

Well, it's good news that your tests came back normal happy2

Just a quick question though: What makes you think that you have low blood pressure? Maybe a BP check would put your mind at rest. They do them now in some chemists too so you wouldn't necessarily have to go to your surgery.

Anxiety? If only we could bottle the answer....As Frostpaw said, try to keep yourself occupied. Carry on with life as best as you can - try not to worry so much, ultimately it will only make you feel worse. Which you definitely don't want! Steer clear of 'research' too - you know, looking into what it may or may not be. There are so many conditions & viruses that can cause the same sort of symptoms that all you'll probably end up doing is worrying even more.

If your dizziness contimes then it's probably best to go ahead & have a blood pressure check - if nothing else but to put your mind at rest. Your GP should also be able to give you something for the dizziness (assuming that it's not low blood pressure!).

None of us know what's gonna happen in the future, it's not something that we have much control over so enjoy life as much as you can.

Good luck

Debbie xx


I was really anxious about everything last week and in the end a friend convinced me to go on a retreat at the weekend so i wasnt at home thinking about everything. It was amazing and i feel so peaceful about everything now it has made such a difference. I am still tired but just feel more positive about life. Now i know retreats arent for everyone but just going away with friends and relaxing, chatting about what is worrying you, relaxing and having time out might help you. I hope everything goes well, just keep focussing on the positives - that your tests came back clear and try not to think about what may happen in the future.

thinking of you


thanks guys all so sweet!!!


i am a lil better...had a ridiculous lack of sleep that i think was making things worse.


i went to dr and she said she thinks i have labrithytis which is affecting my inner ear hence my dizzyness. is sooooo annoying i hate it but i think its gna take a while to go lol. its slooowly getting better but i still feel a bit off balance.


hope you guys are all ok? xx