Haven't posted for a while feeling anxious

Hi, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here, so bear with me.
I have had ms like symptoms since last May pins and needles, ms hug, fatigue, numbness in hands, strange sensations in my head, electric shocks down my spine no spatial awareness, poor balance and other things too! I have had two MRI scans the first showing inflammation in my spine and brain the second showing some improvement. The neurologist has said to me all along that it is highly likely I have MS but that it could still be some form of viral demyelation. I had a Lumbar puncture just before Christmas which showed bands consistent with MS but again could be viral demyelation so I’m still confused on that front but I finally have some gambapentin to help with the symptoms and will be going to physio to help with tight leg muscles and pains in my hip. I will need another Mri scan but not for some time. I see the ms nurse in three months . I start back to work ( primary school teacher) on Monday on a phased return I’m very nervous about going back I’m not even sure I’ll be able to cope but I’ve got to try to get back to normal, I’ve also put on over a stone in weight while I’ve been off i need to excersize desperately but even the housework hurts my back legs and hip! Any tips would be appreciated!
Thanks for reading this
Susan xxx

Well, at least you're getting some support at last, although the lack of a proper diagnosis must be very frustrating!

Take your return to school slowly - don't overdo things! Hopefully all will go well, especially if your Head is supportive?

Re exercise: could you try swimming maybe? or use a gym? A group of us from my local MSS branch go to the gym (including one guy who is in a wheelchair) and we are all getting a lot of benefit from it. There is also an exercise DVD available through this site that you could try at home - search for Sally Gunnell and it will come up.

Good luck on Monday happy2

Karen x

Thanks Kareni think I’ll need it:)