Possibly ms.

Hi. I’m waiting to see a MS specialist next month due to being referred by my neurologist. After a positive mri scan showing 2-3lesions on my spine and a couple of small ones on my brain, he’s referred me for possible ms. I had a previous attack on 2014 and one in October last year which has left me with numbness in my left arm and hand. I also get electric shocks when I bend my head forward which was originally only running down my left side until the last week. It’s now running down both sides of my body. I’ve started doing exercise on a quest to get fitter and I’m doing yoga. Could this be from the exercise or due to it suddenly getting warmer which seems to make my symptoms worse? Or could it be a new attack or just from the old attacks? Any help and advice would be great! Thank u :slight_smile:

hi chezy

first up - get yourself tested for a bladder infection. surprising how bad these can make us feel.

make a list of your symptoms, when they started, if they have changed etc.

this will help you at your appointment.

make sure that you don’t overdo things.

yoga can be a wonderfully relaxing thing to do but if you push yourself it can make symptoms worse.

heat is an mser’s enemy so try to keep cool.

your yoga instructor should be able to help.

i’d been doing yoga for a couple of years before i was diagnosed.

i told her about my ms and she kept an eye on me.

she would give 3 options for each exercise Easy/Medium/Hard.

take extra care with your neck. ask about warm up exercises for this area.

good luck

carole x

Hi Carole. Thank you for the help and advice. I’ve started to keep a note of my symptoms and writing anything down I want to ask the specialist when I go to my appointment. I’m hoping, if anything, that they are able to tell me what stage and what medication I can take. My neurologist said it’s very early onset which helps I think? Never thought about an infection but I do have severe hayfever, could this make everything worse? I will speak to my yoga instructor and ask for warm up exercises. I’m very optimistic about it all and even wondered whether I could return to judo to help with fitness, I’m only 34, with two munchkins so want to be able to be fit for them. Xxx