Surprised to find myself upset.

Hi all

I am awaiting diagnosis and am due to see the neurologist on 19th June.

I was told by an A&E doctor recently, after he conferred with a neuro consultant, that I am probably facing a diagnosis of MS.

I have described my symptom history at length in previous posts.

Today while at work, a colleague asked me how I was doing at the moment, and then proceeded to tell me she didn’t wonder if it wasn’t all stress related.

Stupidly this has upset me. I have felt for a while now that at least a couple of my colleagues think that I am imagining my symptoms. I think maybe on some level I am afraid that it might be true.

I also realise after years of having no explanation for my symptoms that I am just as afraid of being told it is NOT MS as being told that it is. Not knowing what is wrong with me has now become even more of a dread than facing up to having MS.

Does any of this make sense?

Kaz x

It makes perfect sense.

Unfortunately, many neurological symptoms are invisible which means people who have never had them before simply don’t get it so that, e.g., an arm in a sling gets loads of sympathy, but tell people your arm is burning hot and they look at you as if you’re mad :frowning:

It’s true that stress can cause all sorts of weird symptoms, and perhaps your colleague was trying to reassure you, but starting to doubt yourself isn’t a good move. Why not try to suspend all thinking about what it could and couldn’t be and just wait to see what the neuro says? Whatever it is, you can deal with it then.

In the meantime, best to smile politely at the ignorant comments and then promptly forget all about them!

Karen x

Hi Karen

Thank you so much for your reply, it does help.

I will do my best :slight_smile:

Kaz x

I’ve had the same thing said to me and that was by my husband! Think he was trying to be reassuring but it did make me think he thought I was making up all my symptoms and he’s seen me fall and get words wrong etc

Sorry to hear that Anon. Sometimes it is so frustrating trying to make people understand x

hi kaz,

same things have been said to me by lots of people…ggggrrrrrrrrr. To one collegue I replied “did stress cause the multiple lesions on my brain too??!”

Id just love these same people to live a day in our shoes, the uncertainty, frightening thoughts about tbe future, the obsessiveness of NEEDING a dx, and having to cope with not just one symptom but a multitude!

you are not the only onewho self doubts after these comments, i find myself doing so too, but no matter how chilled out i feel, and boring life is i still wake up feeling the same so i know its not stress! you blinking ignore these comments and take comfort from us who KNOW how youre feeling.