Hello all, hope you don’t mind but I need an outlet for feeling very stressed. I had my MRI and EPs (not visual) last week. Neurologist appt next Monday…anyway…when I went in April the neurologist’s discharged me and the letter to my doctor didn’t mention MS - but she did mention it at hte appt - she said, so you have a neurological illness and everything neurological is MS, so you have MS, so what, we’re not going to do anything about it…yes, I quote. Anyway, I called her back after a few days to say that I couldn’t live with that and I needed to know if it was MS as she implied. She apologised for scaring me and booked me in for above tests. (She also said she was sorry she’d talked too much but she’d thought I was mentally stronger!!!) Then she called me…she said that if she found anything of note on the tests she would call me before my appointment. However, I don’t see how she can tell me I’ve got MS over the telephone. I’m a nervous wreck. How do I know when or whether she’s looked at the test? What shall I do? Call her? Having checked out MS symptoms I now know I’ve got lots of them burnign heat, tingling, numbness, weakness on left side. To me it seems like she forgot I was a patient and talked to me like I was a colleague in the queue in the canteen. My dad’s coming down from Manchester (I live in Hastings) to come to the appt with me and until them it’s just me and my 5 year old so I suppose I should wait…it’s not too long, only a few days but they are going by so painfullly slowly, everytime the phone rings I jump out of my skin. Today my hands are buzzing like mad and to top it all I’m a teacher in exam season, I should be marking papers but I just CANNOT keep my mind on the job!!! Oh stress is me!!! What shall I do, please advise. Thank you, Lucy x

sos, that should read, everything neurological is MS these days…

Sorry things are so bad at the moment. Could you ring her and leave a message for her to call you back, maybe there isnt anything to tell you.

Hope you get some answers soon