Feeling frustrated!

Hi so at an appointment on 8th of feb my neuro suspected ms and ordered a MRI, I’ve had 2 appointments with Gp who has chased up the appointment! Yet I’ve still heard nothing…am I being unrealistic that I would at least have had a letter by now! I’m naturally a positive get on with it person, but I’m really struggling at the moment! Basically I’m shattered, and frustrated! I’ve had a diagnosis before which then was later said to be wrong! I’m determined to try and live my life as usual until such a time as I have a diagnosis rubber stamped! Any advice on what I should do??? Many thanks Erica x

Have you tried phoning the MRI unit? They can at least give you an idea of the waiting time then. Other than that, there’s not a whole lot you can do :frowning: Rest lots, try not to worry(!) and generally be kind to yourself. What will be will be. Karen x

All they would say was I wasn’t on march’s list! I know I need to rest and I do. It’s the uncertainty coupled with my useless body! If I’m diagnosed I will adapt my work life but until then I have no ‘reason’ to give work! I don’t want to appear lazy so just keep pushing myself! Yet all I can manage is work! At home well I rest so I can work! Dr says leave it with me…but Sorry for complaining…not like me at all!

HI Erica I do understand where you are coming from. I too found that before dx my time at home was spent resting in order to have the energy to go to work! Not a good place to be is it? Why not ring the GP and ask if he did manage to chase it up, did he write or 'phone the neuro? And when? Have you told him how difficult you are finding work at the moment? Maybe he could give you a ‘Fit Note’ stating that it would be helpful for you to work less hours at the moment - that might make it easier for you in the work situation. Also have you told the MRI unit that you would be prepared to take a cancellation (if you would, of course)? Someone said to me on one occasion when I was struggling that if the doc didn’t hear he would be assuming I was coping OK - so I took that on board and rang my GP. As Karen has already said be kind to yourself .

Hazel x

Thanks so much for your responses! I will try your suggestions! As for the GP I am guilty of understating my situation, as I don’t want to appear over dramatic or a hypercondriact! Silly I know! Until last year I never got ill…so I guess I’m pretty rubbish at it! Ex

Know what you mean about ‘understating’! I’ve always felt that I don’t want to make a fuss - but learnt over time to verbalise better than I did at the beginning how I was feeling. After all, the doc has only got you to tell him how bad things are. Try writing down each day how you’re feeling, symptons etc and then use that to do a summary for the GP / consultant. I did that - and would write “felt rubbish today” - then I came to realise that the doc needed to know what I meant by ‘felt rubbish’ and after that I tried to be more articulate! After all we need to help them to understand how things are before they can help us. :slight_smile:

Hazel x