Feel so unwell:(

As of yet I’m still undiagnosed (doctor says its likely it will turn into ms but as only one attack has diagnosed cis )on Wednesday I got up in the night feeling sick although I wasn’t then woke up next day with a pain in my face I thought it might be an abscess but after a while the pain moved so I knew it couldn’t be that .Then when describing it to other people they kept saying is it Neuralgia ( I’ve never herd of it ) AFter three days the pain has now gone but I’m left with all the symptoms of a migraine (which I suffer with ) I’m just wondering if 1 should I go and see the doctor about this I don’t want to take up his time when it’s not really needed 2COuld this be a second attack I also have a sore throat and there’s a lot of colds about .IM sorry its a bit long winded look forward to responses

I don’t think the feeling sick and the sore throat fits with a second attack; or the fact that the pain moved(?). Perhaps a virus causing temporary neurological symptoms along with regular symptoms? Perhaps a weird migraine? Or perhaps I’m wrong and it was a relapse…

The only way to be sure(ish!) is to see your GP. Don’t worry about wasting their time - it’s what they’re there for after all :slight_smile:

I hope it doesn’t come back, whatever it was.

Karen x