Any thoughts please.....

I’m sure you must have many posts like this so I’m sorry for adding another.

I have had a patch of skin down the front of my neck slightly to one side which has been kind of numb for about five weeks. I say ‘kind of’ because it changes daily, sometimes it’s a little larger, and sometimes it comes around the front. Sometimes it’s just numb and sometimes it’s ultra sensitive, burning, pricking or just sore. Roughly the same time I developed a twitch in my chin on the same side which is visible and intermittent throughout the day. I went to the gp two weeks ago and he was happy to just observe thinking that it is probably a viral neuralgia. He phoned me today however, and because it isn’t any better, possibly worse, he has done an urgent referral to Neurology.

Now without consulting Dr Google too heavily I’m thinking he is probably wanting to rule out MS as well as a couple of other things. I don’t know how ‘quick’ an urgent referral will be but I was wondering if any of your experiences have been similar? I’m quite philosophical, and realise that ‘what will be will be’ but I can’t stop turning it all over in my mind.

Many thanks


hello betty

it’s good that your gp is turning to an expert because he won’t have a clue about most neurological things.

the neurologist is just another doctor so you will need to tell him/her all about what has been happening.

he/she will do a series of tests and hopefully an MRI.

in a couple of weeks ask your gp if he has any idea when your appointment is likely to be.

has your gp had your bloods done?

tested for B12 and D3 levels? (these can cause ms like symptoms)

now get lots of rest because you need it and you will have to get used to that if it IS ms.

good luck

carole x

Many thanks Carole

i haven’t had any bloods done so will ask about this when I have my appointment. Just hope it doesn’t take too long