Don't know what to think

Hi all, am new on here. Feeling pretty confused at the moment. First had some problems about seven years ago when I had a nasty bout of Trigeminal Neuralgia completely out of the blue, lasted about six weeks then disappeared. A couple of years after that I had problems which were diagnosed (without a scan) as a herniated disc - sore neck, pain down arm and legs, some numbness and tingling etc.

Then about four weeks ago the sore neck started again but developed further this time -both hands/fingers became really numb and weak (have dropped things a few times and can’t close my hands fully), all my muscles are stiff and ache as though I’ve been doing strenuous exercise - I feel like I’ve suddenly got the body of an old woman (I’m 45). Haven’t had full blown Trigminal Neuralgia again but get twitches in my face. Also getting stabbing pains in my feet and down my calves and arms. And for the past week I’ve been getting a really weird feeling when I’m walking ie that I’m going to topple forwards.

My doctor referred me for an MRI scan of my neck, thinking it was something to do with the previous hernidated disc. But when I saw the Doctor today she told me the scan results show no disc or nerve problems at all. She suggested a referral to an MS specialist and has managed to get me into an MS clinic this Saturday (which seemed very quick to me). I guess she wouldn’t do that unless she suspected MS, but wouldn’t the neck scan normally show up lesions in that case? (I asked her whether there were any lesions or indicators of MS on the scan and she said no but that they may not have been looking for that and that they only scanned the cervical area). Do my symptoms and experience sound familiar to others? Thanks, Tracy

Hi Tracy - it is difficult to pin-point lesions in the spine, it is usually easier to spot lesions in brain matter so the MS Specialist may want an MRI of your brain and neck.

Personally - I am the person who could trip over fresh air on a clear day, I’ve been doing that for years at random moments, walking along perfectly normally then Whallop! I face-plant. That said, my MS quest began with what I and the GP thought was ‘another’ shoulder injury causing tingling/numbness in my left hand - which spread rapidly over the course of a few weeks up my arm to the bicep area where bone deep aching pain was added to the pins/needles - GP thought I had a prolapsed disc in my neck so off I went for X-rays, which came back clear, no signs of arthritis or prolapse - so off I went for an MRI of the neck which again came back clear. I was then referred to the Neurologists who wanted Brain and Cervical Scan - which showed up 3 lesions in the right hand side of my brain. The Neuro felt there were probably micro-lesions in addition to the ones that could be seen, but she is not a fan of lumbar puncture as these are in her opinion more trouble than they are worth, so I have to report any and all ‘odd’ sensations, body movements etc. On meds for the pain, meditation and exercise for overall health and wellbeing.

Hope you get some answers soon.

Thanks for your reply Theresa, it’s much appreciated. I have an appointment with an MS specialist this Saturday so will see what he says and take it from there. I actually used to meditate and haven’t done so for a long while but perhaps this might be a good time to try it again. Best wishes, Tracy