MS has been suggested

Hi, I went to the gp 2 weeks ago with face tingling and a slight sore ear. She prescribed a spray for my ear. One week later (last week) I was back at the gp (different one). I had tingling in my right arm. The right tingling in face was permanent and the arm came and went. Dr referred me to neurology for am urgent appointment (2 to 3 weeks). He said to get in contact if the symptoms got worse. Last night my right leg felt weird. Today I’ve woke with tingling in it. 3 of the fingers on my right hand are now numb. I just admit to being very scared I phoned out of hours, saw a Dr who said that it sounds like ms but I need to wait for neurology appointment but to go back if symptoms get worse. In 2 weeks ive went from slight tingling in face to continual tingling in face and arm and intermittent in my leg. My dad has ms. I’m scared. I have 2 young kids. I think the quickness of the symptoms is what is scaring me.


Your very lucky to get an appointment with the neurologist so quickly, that means you will be quicker getting the tests, no Dr even your GP can say that you have MS, only the neurologist can and only if you have been checked over by him/her and the tests that will be needed to be done. Before even telling you anything. I had a second appointment with the neurologist and he did a few tests and said that my left hand shakes and I am weaker on my left side and I have been booked for another appointment in April next year bro see him again.

I hope things go well for you but it can take a little time to get everything together and give you a diagnosis, what ever it is. Kay

HI Kay yes your right oh yeh mine took nearly sixteen years lol.

Hi Csdg4749

Your symptoms could even be down to low B12, stress and anxiety and hormone issues.

I am sorry to read your father has MS. The trouble is tingling in different places is pretty non specific, so I expect the neuro will want to do a bunch of tests. Have you got your appointment yet?

I waited from 2000 my first symptom going blind to 2016 to finally be told i had progressive MS.

I hope you get seen soon and they find out what is causing it. Are you stressed?

Stress does make thinks so much worse, so try and calm over it. I know its hard but having a parent with it doesnt mean you will have it.

For now i would try and stop worrying about it as if it is MS it isnt going anywhere and you need to just try and enjoy your life take the kids out, go have a nice new hairdo, spend some money on yourself lol, but worrying is not going to make it any better.

P.S. the worry of the symptoms believe me can make it go faster.

Hugs. xxxx


You certainly have had a thorough scare. Sudden onset of neurological type symptoms are very frightening. But don’t panic overmuch about MS. There is a genetic connection, but as the child of someone with MS, you have just a 1 in 67 chance of developing MS yourself. Have a look at for more information about genetic links.

I can imagine you’re in a real state about what’s happening with your body. It’s brilliant that your GPs have been as responsive as they have (not all are that good).

When you see the neurologist, s/he will ask you for a personal history of your health and the symptoms that have taken you there. So it’s worth writing down your symptoms with dates that things have happened and how long they’ve lasted (you’ve said some symptoms have been constant while others are fleeting). A sort of timeline of events.

S/he will also do a physical examination, including reflexes, sensory reactions, eye movements, balance and many more.

At that point s/he will have an idea whether there is a neurological cause for your symptoms, and maybe suspect one or another diagnosis (although you may not be told what that is). In that case, you’d be referred for diagnostic tests, possibly including MRI, Evoked Potentials, Nerve Conduction and/or Lumbar Puncture.

I really hope that the appointment comes through soon and any tests likewise. Keep in mind that it is just as likely not to be MS, Vitamin deficiencies can look a lot like MS. In particular Vitamins B12 and D.

Try not to worry too much. Get as much rest as you can manage (sometimes difficult with children), and keep letting us know what’s happening.


Thank you for replying. I think I was in panic mode at the weekend. I’m more positive now. My leg symptoms don’t appear to be permanent. My arm and face are a different matter and appear to be more there than not. I’ve not had my appointment through yet so I will just be patient. I think I am lucky to have been referred so quickly. Tiredness is a big issue at the moment too, but again that symptom can mean anything and not necessarily ms. Time will tell and I’ll make the most of the good days for now xx