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Hi There ,Iam not really sure where i should write this so please accept my apologies if its in the wrong place .

I went to doctors last week with numbness in face ,legs and arms ,body jerks , a feeling of electric shocks going through my arms and legs  ,iam tired majourity of the time ,i  have muscle weekness in my legs which i have had for years . 

Years ago i went to A&E with face numbness amongst other symptoms whch they sent me for a brain scan , so when i went to actually get the results, the doc said  you don t have ms , that was the first time i had even heard of ms .  I wasnt even aware they had tested for that .


Bloods have all come back normal except iam insufficent in iron and vitamin d , which i have now been perscribed , The doc kept asking is there anything else so i got flustered when i spoke to him ,i should have just tried to see the intial doctor who asked for the bloods in first place . 


He has said he will refer me to a nurologist so i hope they can figure it out for me .


any advice would be greatly received x
















Hi Destiny and welcome helloYou are absolutely in the right place.

There's a whole bunch of conditions that can cause symptoms similar to MS, but your GP has done absolutely the right thing by referring you to a neurologist... so you are on the right track to finding out what's causing your symptoms.

Take a list with you. Try to stick to the major symptoms that are bothering you so the list in not too long (neuro's aren't the most patient people in the world). Make sure you tell the neuro about the earlier episode you had and what hospital you had the earlier MRI at.

Good luck and hope you get some answers soon. 

Pat x happy2

Hi Pat , Thank you so much for replying , I seem to have my worse symptoms on the right hand side ,although i have milder symptoms on the left , i forgot to add also that i have skin sensitivity and balance problems although i always put the balance problems down to my meniries .

Thanks again for replying and also advising me to make a list which i will do thanks xthumbsup

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

It’s all too easy to get flustered and forget things in a medical appointment so it’s always best to be really well prepared. It’s also a good idea to take someone with you if you can - an extra pair of eyes and ears can be very helpful.

I hope you don’t have too long to wait for the appointment, and some answers.

Karen x

Hi Destiny and welcome happy2

I can't add much other than to reiterate what Pat and Karen have already said: go prepared and keep concise to the point notes to take with you.

Oh and try to steer away from 'googling' too much if you can (as tempting as it is to do). Avoid comparing yourself to others too much as well because there are lots of things that could be responsible for your symptoms - it's easy to become too focused on just one possibility.

Good luck - remember we're here if you need us

Debbie xx   



Hi Destiny,

Hope it isn't MS, but if it is, ask what services are available to you - MS nurse, physio and what 

medications you might be put on. 

Good luck,

Jen x