Waiting to see a neurologist after GP is worried I have MS

Hi, so i’m new to this forum so hello everyone!

This all started last week, although my symptoms had been showing for a while before then. Well for several months been strugglign what i can only identify as “brain fog” sometimes truggling to recall the right word or getting mixed up with my sentences. I was workign abroad at the time so i put it down to speaking another language instead of english. However in the last month i took a turn for the worse, after waking up one morning and finding the right hand part of my face was numb, which later that week spread to my arm and leg.

Needless to say i started freaking out and came home to see the GP, who once i told him my symptoms seemed pwrried and I’ve been referred to the neurologist. So now i wait to have the neurologist appointment and ye i’ll say it, I’m worried. I’m 24 and it just seems to have come out of nowhere. Ive noticed that in the last week my right lips have gone numb as well and i was wondering if anyone had any experience of this?

I just don’t wanna scour google for the next few weeks, be nice to talk to people you know?

Any response would be appreciated


Understandably you’re worried but GP has done the right thing by referring you. Be aware this can take a while though.

Try to keep yourself active and positive in the meantime as although it could be MS, it could be something that’s really easy to resolve and yes, try to stay off google! Do you have a lot of social/family support?

This forum is a great support for those with MS/those who have got symptoms and are awaiting referral so rest assured there’s people here who have been where you are.

Take care


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Hey Jane

Yes I do have family supporting me and i do try to stay positive. I suppose it’s just a trial in my life which i never saw coming. It’s nice to know one isn’t totally alone.