Scared and looking for advice

Hi, I’m new but I’m really scared about my symptoms and the NHS is sadly so slow, I just wanted to see if anyone has had a similar experience? I’ve been having hand and foot numbness for many months now. Dr did a c-spine MRI which came up clear, then said they didn’t know what’s causing it. In June I started getting really bad fatigue and started getting more and more clumsy. The GP put the clumsiness down to undiagnosed dyspraxia. As the summer has gone on my hands have got much worse and now the numbness has spread to my lips, chin and tongue. On Friday 1st the GP referred me to neurology and told me to stop driving as my spacial awareness is so bad I’ve had a couple of silly bumps in the car. Last night I ended up in A&E as my left upper arm suddenly became really weak, I felt really disorientated and dizzy and my speech went really difficult. I then developed pressure in my left eye.They ruled out stroke and turfed me out saying as there was nothing life threatening going , there was nothing else they can do. I now feel so brain foggy and I almost feel sedated. As I’ve got to wait in this state for who-knows how long until my referral comes through, I was just wondering if anyone had similar symptoms prior to their MS diagnosis? I know it might not be MS, but I just want to hear others experiences. Is there anything I can do to speed up the process? Should I be worried that my symptoms have suddenly got a lot worse? Any advice would be amazing

Hi, when I first needed a referral to a neurologist, there was a 10 month wait… this was back in 1999. So I paid to see one privately, then swapped to NHS.

Your symptoms could be MS or something else.

Let the neuros do their jobs!