Has anyone else been diagnosed with MS quickly (symptoms but no diagnosis yet)


I’m a 39F, I had a numb sensation in my right hip/thigh last July and it lasted about 12 weeks. No weakness, no other symptoms and bloods were fine. I had the numbness again (beginning on January) but it spread down my leg and into my foot and included by buttock/groin area. Again, no pain or weakness and I’m able to do everything as normal the sensations are just very heightened. I was referred to a neurologist at the end of January, had an MRI (head and spine), bloods (showed high levels of bilirubin in my LFT) and I have a follow up with the neurologist this Friday. All less than a month from my first neurology appointment. I have convinced myself it’s MS and have a list of questions for the neurologist but it all seems to have happened so quickly. Has anyone else had such a quick diagnosis?

I got a pretty quick diagnosis since I got dropped into A&E after a fall. Spent the first week them scratching their heads to the reason why I was having issues walking and weakness on my right side they first thought it was a mini stroke. After a CT scan coming back all clear took a week till I got a MRI. That same day a really nice neurologist came to me with the bad news of the lesions and it was MS.

Yes, I went to the GP with sensory symptoms in my feet over Easter (1999), had an MRI and neurologist appointment within about a month and diagnosis straight away. I always wondered how they knew it was MS so quickly but I guess I was just ‘lucky’. Not sure those appointments would happen that soon now though!

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Unfortunately it can take sometime waiting for a formal diagnosis.
They need to rule out any other causes for your symptoms.
It took 3 years for me despite my first MRI finding multiple lesions in my brain and c spine.
You need to meet the Mcdonald criteria and because my lumbar puncture was inconclusive i only met one of the criteria dissemination in space and not time.
It wasn’t until my latest MRI found a new lesion I met the criteria for a formal diagnosis.
The difficulty is until this point you can’t get any DMTs only help with ingoing symptoms.
I do hope you get the help you need as soon as possible.
You know something is wrong so continue to push for answers

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Hi there . In short no, not quite so quick on initial diagnosis but I recently had an MRI for a suspected relapse and received a letter back from the consultant within 3 weeks ( fortunately to say no evidence of a relapse). So you might just be one of the lucky ones. I know some people have a terrible time waiting for results of their first MRI - weeks of uncertainty

Thank you for the replies. Maybe I have just been lucky that I’ve seen a neurologist and have had an MRI so quickly. Second appointment is tomorrow so I’ll hopefully be a bit further forward and have some answers.

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Hello everyone its my first time here, im 55 and Male. In 2018 i had 2 seize ups and complete paralysis, u started feeling really weird , weak dizzy and my vision started getting blurry, i thought i have to get to the sofa but i fell but didnt even realise i was falling till i hit the floor, well i endedbup in luton hosp and was told it was a tia, i had an mri a few weeks after and thats what i was treated for. Anyway from then on i have kept getting these horrible sensations up and down my arms legs , groin , getting numbness, headaches neck ache, keeping having to have a pee , well in 2022 i ended up in hospital for a week, anyway a consultant come to see me and said " ive looked at the MRI you had done " but before he finished i jimped in and said " yeah i know you never found anything" he said " yes we did , we found lesions on your brain and im 99.9% sure its MS and with what youve described im sure it is" i said i was told nothing was found , that was 2018, he said he was ordering anorher MRI and a lumber puncture, MRI first, had the MRI, same consultant came back said the same thing but said the neurologist wasnt buying it" he said im sure as i told you Shayne its MS but we have to wait to hear from him. Well the neurologist came andbi must say he was rude, abrupt carried out tests in less than 1 minute said, he knows what the consultant has said but we’ll get the stroke teambto see you and then see if they rule out stroke. Talk about being left in limbo, which i have been since 2022, the stroke got ruled out in 2023 July and ive been waiting for the appointment with the MS Clinic ,itsbgot worse ,the sensations ,fatigue, headaches, numbness, weakness and now my mouth keeps swelling up andbi ulcers ,i have pain in my side everyday im spitting into a bin and spending all day in bed, i dont know how long i can take much more of this, ibdont knownif the mouth has anythingbto do with MS or thats another thing goingbwrong also my left hand is seizing up and in pain now ,is there anythingbi can do to get help while i await ,im desperate, thankbyou

Hi there, I can completely sympathise with the frustration and stress you must be feeling. You have been in limbo and experiencing some very unpleasant and painful symptoms for such a long time. I’m at the start of this journey so I’m probably not very helpful. From all of the reading and research on the forum it seems a bit like a post code lottery in terms of how quickly you get a diagnosis, scans or treatment. I would suggest you copy your post into a new topic post and you might get more replies that are helpful to your situation. I know MS is vastly different for everybody but just finding people with similar or the same symptoms is comforting and more experienced people could offer you some advice. Hope your clinic appointment comes through soon and you can get the answers and treatment you need.

Hi, I’m 33F I had MRI brain on 3rd Jan, 4 weeks wait for results (pretty lucky), incidental finding of white matter, repeat full body MRI 2 weeks later with contrast, had results yesterday (8 weeks from first MRI to diagnosis). I am now being referred to neurosurgeon and going from there! Was given results over the phone as they was worried that my appointment letters was going to arrive before diagnosis letter and scare me! Literally had no info about why they have diagnosed and been told just to wait for letter. I would chase the original neuro for in depth explanation but I’ve decided to stay patient let it sink in and await the letter as it’s got the full report and I was in a bit of a daze whilst on phone yesterday taking this info in and just wanted to get off and ring my mum! Good luck with everything