Quick diagnosis and confused

Hi , my name is Caroline :hugs:. On the 14 March ‘22 my left leg got a heavy feeling whilst in the shower , about 30 minutes later I couldn’t hold my left arm up so o decided as it was near bedtime to sleep it off . The next day I could lift arm no problem but it felt slightly week doing some things at work and leg still felt a bit heavy. I told a nurse friend who advised me to see a doctor asap . I was dealt with swiftly assuming a stroke but after MRI scan picked up active inflammation on right side of brain
And 15-20 lesions on left side and diagnosed with MS in the space of 8 days …:exploding_head:but previous to this I have had not 1 symptom . (Only thing I thought I had a bout of sciatica in November ) have no fatigue and feel 100%…… a friend has showed me a link
To a woman who had brain inflammation after a mild case of covid 19 which I too had a mild dose in mid January ‘22. I’m currently waiting to hear from the MS nurse . But just wondered anyones thoughts as every other post I’ve read or video I’ve watch have all had numerous symptoms and a battle for a diagnosis . Thanks In advance :blush:

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Hi, yeh it is quite unusual to get a diagnosis so quickly. Neuros can take an age to diagnose…in my own case, 22 years! But this is also rare!!

I guess your lesions were easy enough to see and hence diagnose.

Take care, look after yourself.

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Wow 22 years , that must have been so frustrating for you . I guess I’ll just have to sit tight and see what becomes . Take care of yourself too , xx

Sometimes MS is hard to diagnose, as you say, some of us are ‘lucky’ enough to have MS written all over us and then it’s much more straightforward! My dx wasn’t as fast as yours but it was very quick and easy as. These things go.

I am sorry about your dx. What a shocker for you.

Hi there. Ive now officially been diagnosed a week ago after first having symptoms 7 years ago. They then disappeared and came back beginning of feb this year. Mine started in my right leg as a numbing/weird skin sensation. Ive had a bad back in the past so thought it was the disc pressing on a nerve again but It slowly started to creep up the right hand side of my body. When it got to my hip i got in contact with the doctors as it was now different to other sensations id had because of my back.
They arranged an MRI which i had 3 weeks later. By that point the whole of my right side was numb and now the left side of my face! Im struggling to lift/grip oor write with my right hand now. After 10 days of waiting the results came back and confirmed MS as they could see the active inflammation and lesions. Im going to see a specialist at the hospital tomorrow. All very scary but im glad ive found this forum with others i can talk to who will understand. Sorry for long post!


Yeah it was quite a shock as never in a million years would I have suspected MS. But hey I know I’ll get by :blush:

It’s great having forums like that to chat and for advice

Hi there . It truly amazes me how different everyone’s story is , I’m busy reading up and trying to learn as much as I can . But like you thankful
For forums like these .
Wishing you well ,:blush:

Yes, it’s over 20 years since I was in your shoes, and online forums were in their infancy, but even then I drew real comfort from being able to communicate with others who just got it without me having to explain everything yet again. It’s not easy work getting your head around all this, and those early days really are not much fun, but you are quite right – you’ll find your way through.


I too had a very quick diagnoses. Last november i had a numb and clumsy left hand. Right where you would wear a glove. Lasted a month then disappeared so i cancelled the nerve conduction test that my Dr scheduled me to have for suspected carpal tunnel.

On the 16th feb, i had pins and needles in both feet. They travelled very quickly up my legs and around my waist. I was petrified. My mobility was limited. Rushed in for lumbar MRI which showed nothing so referred to consultant.

Last week monday i had a contrast MRI and by thursday my consultant called me and told me i had MS. I had multiple historical lesions on my brain, she didnt confirm how many plus 3 active lesions on my spinal cord and a new active lesion on the brain. I too had difficulty believing the diagnosis due to how quickly it happened compared to others… I am still really struggling to process it.

Hi @TLaud87
Wow how scary for you . And how is your mobility now ? I found it hard too, but what really helped me was watching diagnosis stories on YouTube , I just typed in MS story once I watched them I very quickly realised my life is not over , it was an instant relief for me . But on the flip side reading some other social media stories there are the stories now people struggle daily with mobility , pain , fatigue , none of which I have at the moment . And probably which is also keeping me positive at the moment . Also very good to talk to other people experiencing the same journey . Wishing you well . And hopefully we will get started on DMT’s soon xx

Hi, my mobility has improved but my feet still feel sticky at times and my balance isnt perfect but definitely managable - squats are a no no at the minute lol!

The numbness spread up my torso and into my hands too. That sadly is still there. I really hope it dissipates as its been about 8 weeks since the start of this attack. I have been very tired too but hoping again that will subside.

How are you doing with things currently?

Still waiting for the neurologists paperwork to get referred to the MS clinic and hoping it comes through before tomorrow as obviously Easter weekend is going to slow things even further but in the same breath, having to accept at this point that this isn’t an emergency xx

Yes it’s just all the uncertainty of it all
And what’s on the road before us . Yes I found squats a bit dodgy for a week or so , but thankfully I’m back to full
Fitness now . I have my MS nurse appoint 27th April , but I’ve had a letter a few days ago from my neurologist confirming it’s RRMS I have but I will not be getting any treatment at the moment . I also had to get a chest X-ray yesterday due to something with my blood tests . Just checking for some other condition.:woman_shrugging:t2:

@Caroline.alex07 well i hope your chest x ray went ok. Must be terrible battling multiple things at the same time?

As I was diagnosed by a neurologist out of area she transferred my care so my GP received my referral on the 12th April and passed it onto my regional MS clinic and on the 14th I received a phonecall saying the neurologist wants to see me next week. So on Thursday 21st I should have a much better idea about things.

Hope you enjoy the lovely weather we are experiencing at the moment and have a fantastic weekend.

Hey , I haven’t heard back about my chest X-ray . I have my 1st visit with MS nurse on Wednesday so will see how that goes . My letter from
The neurologist stated I wouldn’t be getting any treatment yet so I’m
Not sure .
How did you get on on Thursday ?