evening everyone…

think i really pushed myself today with housework, at my usual slow rate though.

i had a sudden feel of nausea come on then pains just under my chest and radiated round to the back, i have never experienced anything like it, it happened twice today.

has anyone else ever felt this. ?

for the last 6 weeks i feel so isolated and scared as to what is happening to me, my family are bloody marvellous though,not sure they are understanding what is going on, ( but neither am i.) so we are going through these weird emotions together.

anyway my gp has acted very quick and got neuro app 2nd jan…

channelgirl. x

Hi there, Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling too good and all this uncertainty too. I might be tempted to go to the doc and mention this, as it may not necessarily be MS related, it could be gastric, given the point where the pain started from. Please get it checked out. X