Still no diagnosis but symptoms are horrible!


I’ve been suffering for some time now, it seems like a new symptom everyday!

I’ve had constant numbness in my right arm for nearly 2 weeks! Headaches on my left side off and on! This weird electric shook type feeling down my back, feels like buzzing inside! I’m now starting to feel really sick!

Does ms affect periods? I’m nearly a week late! I’ve done several tests and all negative so I’m guessing I’m not pregnant!

I’m stRting go get really scared now because I don’t know what’s wrong with me! Every symptom I have screams ms, also had mri which showed that it was more than likely ms! I just need the diagnosis and the treatment so I can feel normal again!

The depression and anxiety is real and I’m struggling like you wouldn’t believe!

Any advice! :pleading_face:


Careful what you wish for because an MS diagnosis is unlikely to make you feel ‘normal’ :scream:

I know it’s probably not but hopefully the medication will start to work if it is ms! I’m struggling to be normal for my boys at the moment! :frowning:

MS does not normally affect your monthly cycle, but my goodness acute anxiety certainly can and does affect hormonal balance.

I am sorry that you’re having such a worrying time, and hope that you get some definite answers soon and that the news is good.

Hi Alison,

I am extremely stressed and very very anxious so maybe that’s why I’m late! If I just had a diagnosis then I could probably regain some normality. All of this is just so much to take in it’s scary!

I am trying to keep positive though.

Lisa :frowning: