Not MS?

Hi All,

Me again! just an update whilst i waiting for my neuro appt on 13th june!

Its actually going faster now so hoping i get a good one! (fingers crossed)!

The hot weather made the tingling/buzzing worse, but yesterday and today its not so bad, are my symptoms finally going as its been just over 12 weeks and counting!

The elec shocks i get from neck to toes when bend head has now gone! the shaking is mild but still there, worse in morning ! I have no sex drive still…hoping this wont last too long! i getting annoyed.

No major dramas at work and air con been on so i feel better at work, oh and they let me wear sandles so my buzzing foot has improved!

What are the chances that this could be a trapped nerve in my neck, no pain but it does feel stiff to turn it, some days are worse! Maybe i still hoping it something else! The chances of me having it are slim as i dont have family history of it, although i have never hurt my neck or back or had any head injury…so makes me wonder what the hell is going on?

One last thing, i had stomach probs for ten years…finally had op to remove gall bladder 2 and half years ago…could this have been an ms symptom or totally non related? just i heard some MS users have stomach problems? and i had an op on my wrist too, could this have been something too?

Sorry guys having a day where i trying to find out if its something else and i can relax and carry on as if nothing ever happen…negative mood…sorry again!

Morning Leamills x Glad to hear things are getting better for you! Me too! I’m noticing a marked improvement over the last couple of weeks too! Everything is still there but milder - only the heat is bothering me to any extent but like you I’ve taken steps to manage it!

My neck is stiff as well - I notice it most when looking behind in the car! Who knows if it’s MS - only time & tests will tell I suppose!! xxxjenxxx

Hi Kizzydane,

Thanks and i kinda hope it stays cooler here now! its almost bareable now…buzzing is much less, only on drive to work and home do i really have issues. But even these are just the buzzing.

My numbness that i had over all my left side of body are better but my back, butt and half arm are still numb…these seem to be more permanent.

I also have a blurry left eye that was bad 12 weeks ago, seemed better but has been back last couple days and is causing headaches now! Shaking mild but still about even now and it usually eases off by now. Is it coz i got day off? lol

Well i got neuro appt soon so i hope they will be able to help? My husband is coming and i dreading it a bit as he thinks i totally nuts and a hyperchondriac! But he still loves me…LOL! Parents are supportive and my sister! I will feel a royal muppet if its not MS as i think they have decided if its not, then i have been making it all up! I can see why people with this mystery symptoms get depression too…kinda hard not to !

Still…coping and managing things…maybe i will get answers?

Laters all and oh…these twitches in my leg and arm muscle are driving me nuts still!


Wow, I was asking this exact same question yesterday - why can’t it just be a trapped nerve or something in my neck? My arm becomes dreadfully cut-off with my neck at certain angles and also pain in the middle of my spine is only there at certain angles. Not at all sure that would cause stiffening and jerks though but surely buzzing and numbness etc. Maybe grabbing at straws but if you find the answer I’d like to know too!