Strange face sensation - new symptom?

Hi everyone

I'm still in limbo land and not coping very well with waiting for my test results.  Meanwhile I think I've developed a new symptom - or is it a trick my brain is playing on me (neuro said he expects tests to be negative so maybe I'm imagining all my symptoms).  Anyway, right now I have a sensation like pressure on my left cheekbone.  This is relatively new but I have had it a few times over the last few days.  I've looked up what it might be and see that facial pain can be caused by trigeminal neuralgia in MS - although what I'm experiencing is like a steady, dull pressure sensation, not a shooting pain.  Has anyone else had this?  My left arm also feels distinctly odd today.  Most of my symptoms have been on my left side, except tingling in my feet, which is both sides.

Also, I've been wondering why the neuro (and also my GP) said he thought the tests would be negative.  Was he just trying to keep me calm while waiting for results?  If that is the case, he's actually made it worse - I'm just spending all my time worrying about what else it could be or whether I really have lost my marbles.  I guess other reasons he may have said that are 1) all my symptoms are relatively mild and therefore invisible - I can walk etc fine. 2) the tests he did at my first appointment didn't show up anything unusual.  3) I have had some of my symptoms most of the time for the last 16 months (particularly a sharp pain in the left side of my rib cage, which I get several times a day, most days) - I guess that doesn't fit a pattern of relapse and remission?  Do these three facts mean I am unlikely to have MS??  It's not that I want an MS diagnosis (of course) but I really do want a diagnosis of something, partly so that I can move on and partly so that I can explain to people why I've been so hopeless at stuff recently AND **I just want to stop feeling like I'm loosing my marbles**.

Sorry for the self-pitying moan - just need to get it off my chest.

Lilacgirl x

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Hi Lilacgirl,

I have no idea regarding whether your symptoms are/aren’t ms, I am too new to it myself, but I just want to offer you some support because I understand exactly how you feel (((Lilacgirl)))

Logically we know there is no point second guessing etc. because it is what it is, but it’s not always as easy as that.

Regarding the face thing, I have had that a lot over the last few years, but always thought of it as either my sinuses or a migraine type thing - but it does coincide with the other symptoms timing wise…

Hopefully someone more useful will be along soon! Leah :slight_smile:

Thanks for the hug, Leah.  I guess I'm not expecting much in the way of answers but it does help to have forum friends to unload on happy2

Interesting to hear you've had a similar face thing, though.

Lilacgirl x

I get weird sensations in my face. Like you, I have no diagnosis yet. For me it’s almost like a tingly feeling on the left side of my face, or just a tickle! Sometimes it can be a bit more than that, almost numb feeling, yet if I touch it sensation is ok. I’ve had similar related to migraine, only worse, much worse. However that doesn’t last as long. I don’t think it’s constant (I say “I don’t think” as it’s fairly mild and I just might not be noticing it when I’m focusing on other stuff).

It’s not easy being in limbo land is it? I swing between hardly thinking about it, to noticing every little tingle and mis said word. I also swinging between wanting a diagnosis so that I know, and hoping it’s not ms or something else which could in theory affect my life greatly.


Hi lilac girl,

You have asked a question I have noticed over the last few days. I have suffered with trigeminal neuralgia that affects my eye and jaw, however the last couple of days I have experienced exactly what you describe directly on my cheekbone. It’s not painful, just pressure. I can only assume it’s related to the neuralgia. I also have a very numb face on that side which has been worse of late.

With regards to your sumising that it might be ms, I wouldn’t torture yourself. The more we sit and think about our symptoms, it can sometimes make them worse. Try to think that it’s not ms, that it could be something and nothing and try to stay focused on living your life. I don’t mean to sound condescending but I find that if you think to much about it, you live, eat breathe ms. Keep it at the very back of your mind until such a time ever comes around that it has to be focused on, which hopefully for you will be never.

Take care

J x

Hi all,
I have the face thing too, left side only, pain through jaw up to ear and over to eye, numbness lips, cheek, head, crawling in chin (worst) tingling, and sometimes a pressure as you describe. I presumed it was a neuralgia as Miss Demeanor describes, am not dx yet.
Tingling and buzzing like a bee this morning all extremities, legs and face.
I don’t stressabout it, just document it for the neurologist, I try distraction techniques and if build up too much the Gabapentin helps. Yesterday did a bit of spring clearing, had big fatigue episode, couldn’t move, then recovered after lie down in 2 hours.
Have a good weekend everyone,
Ally x

Hi again, and thanks for the new answers to my queries.  The face thing has continued over the last few days and has gone up around my eye a couple of times but it's more annoying than painful.  Anyway, I know you're right about not stressing about it.  It's only a few days til my follow up appointment with my neuro, so not long to wait now and I am doing my best to focus on other things.  It's my son's birthday next week, so that has been something else to keep me busy happy2.

Thanks for your support and have a great weekend.

Lilacgirl x

Hi. I’m new to this forum. But my symptoms are tingling feet. And fairy new I have a pressure type feeling mainly on my left side of my face. More my cheeks. Chin and nose. Achy left arm. Actually like inactive users symptoms. Currently waiting to see a neurologist. Be glad to get some sort of diagnosis.