Help SOS!

Hey everyone,

I am Allie and I have not been diagnosed with MS but it is looking increasingly likely, I am currently awaiting an emergency neurologist referral (which actually isn’t very urgent at all!) but the help I need is with a new symptom that started 2 weeks ago (have seen relevant medical professional) the left side of my face went numb (I have a whole history but I’m sure you don’t all want to read that lol) the weird thing is it’s like numb, I can still feel pressure but not topical sensations, but it also feels like it’s tingling and like it should be itchy but it’s not (I realise I am making no sense it’s just so hard to describe) but it is genuinely distressing me, I can’t stand the sensation, it’s not pain so I can’t take pain medication, it’s like it’s itchy but isn’t so I can’t scratch it and it’s all I can feel. I don’t cry (I’m a bit defective) but if I did I would be balling my eyes out. So my question is, is there anything that can help be it complimentary therapies, medication, anything while I wait for this referral.
Many thanks (sorry it’s so long)

Hi Allie, welcome to the forum.

Your sensations to your face sound unpleasant. Go back to your GP who may be able to prescribe something.