viruses and inection -feeling low =(

hey all! i’m in dire need of some advice, light relief or positivity from ppl who actually have ms!

a herpes flare relapsed my ms a month ago, although it feels like forever. numbness/altered sensation pretty much from chest down, weakness, bad co-ordination. weakness/strengh sorted themselves relatively quick and altered sensation was taking a wee bit more time.

on thurs woke up with double vision (which in fairness passed in a few hours) and altered sensation from chest up! actual rage and hopelessness! ms nurse adv go to gp to check if nothing underlying and it turns out i have an abscess in my mouth. on v strong antibiotics. numbish sensation easing a bit alreadty but today = dizzy, nausea, double vision, vertigo =(

i’m at my wits end and things are especially hard since my hands feel i constantly have ski gloves on.

no-one keen to give me steroids as there is presence of virus/infection and gabapentin not helping hugely with sensation issues - any advice here? does anyone else only ever relapse due to virus/infection and find it hard to battle? i feel its one thing after the other and i’ll never get better =(

any help appreciated xx

hi lorna

i’m sorry that you are so ill again and again.

it seems that the slightest ailment makes ms play up.

i’ve had cystitus for a week and woooo - i felt like i ought to be in hospital.

(that makes me sound like a drama queen but honest i’m not)

get well soon

carole xxx