Help and advice with current symptoms

Hi Everyone,

I have found this site to be of a great help before, during and after diagnosis but have never really needed to post any questions and now I am looking for some advice regarding my current symptoms. I have pins and needles sensations in my thumb and finger and up my hand and arm, it spread across my chest and into my left underarm and I can feel a strange sensation across my front sometimes. I contacted my GP and MS Nurse and both said as there is no weakness they cannot give me any steroids for it which I understand. I was told to rest which I have been doing when not at work. I woke up this morning and I have pins and needles in both my feet!!! Is there anything you could advise me to do to stop this getting worse and progressing to weakness which has happened to me in the past??? I have always had sensory symptoms and have been very lucky that only 2 of my relapses have resulted in weakness and this was before I started Rebif (which I have been on nearly 3 years). I just cant afford time of work at the minute as I run my own business and I want to try and nip it in the bud before it gets any worse.

Many Thanks


Hi Mel

Thank u for your reply.

I wasnt asked about an infection though I dont feel I have had an infection but I do think this started about a week after I got the flu jab (never had any probs with the flu jab in the last few years). I havent had the cold, flu or anything recently was feeling so great and then bang this happens. My symptoms have always been sensory I had 4 relapses in the first year when I was diagnosed and then a few since then which is always pins and needles sensations in legs, feet, arms, face etc. I honestly dont feel stressed, I have a great support network and my mum has been fab and has done alot of hours for me in the shop since I have been feeling like I am relapsing so I can rest. I have opened a small pet supplies store and while it is going well I am not run off my feet and have plenty of time to sit down between customers. I really dont want it getting any worse but I suppose getting as much rest as possible is the only thing I can do. Thanks again for your reply

Cat xo


Do go and ask about an infection - every time I have gone for steroids, my urine dip has come back that I have an infection and then have had to have a week of antibiotics before starting the steroids. Every single time, apart from the relapse that prompted me to go for the steroids, I have felt fine. It’s worth getting checked out.

Luisa x

Well, the standard advice (as you know) is probably take it easy. But that’s not easy to do when you have a demanding boss (yourself!)

And anyway, I’m not at all sure that taking it easy (or the opposite) make a great deal of difference. In my experience, relapses are a law unto themselves, they will do what they want to do, when they want to do it, and there’s nothing I can do about it. So if your circumstances mean it just isn’t possible to slow up and give yoru body time to heal, don’t beat yourself up about it, would be my advice! After all, you are already doing the single most important thing you can do to reduce the frequency and limit the severity and duration fo relapses by taking a DMD.

Sometimes MS calls the tunes, and there isn’t a single damned thing we can do about it. Other times, we have a bit more scope to flex around it without letting it dominate. I hope this turns out to be the latter for you, and that this mild relapse (if that’s what it is) stays mild and doesn’t interfere with your life too much. You know your MS best - I’m sure you’ll find the right balance for you.