Hi I’ve been diagnosed with ms a few months ago. Last February I started getting pins and needles in my feet and over the year or so it has moved up my legs to my stomach were I constantly have this tightness around my stomach!! The last few days I’ve started getting it in my right hand aswell! I also have had to stop playing golf as I can only walk 2 holes and my legs are nackered!! I’ve been looking at these posts and google ect and can’t seen to see anyone that has had or is having the same symptoms as me??? Does anyone have them??? Thanks

Hi Charley, It is unlikely any two people with MS will have absolutely identical symptoms, as it depends exactly where the lesions form, and that is random. However, abnormal sensations including pins and needles and/or a sensation of tightness are not unusual - in any part of the body - and weak/tired legs are pretty common as well. I don’t know if it’s any help to tell you your symptoms don’t sound odd or abnormal for MS, even if nobody else has exactly the same. It’s a very personal illness, so although there are many symptoms lots of people get, exactly where in the body or how it feels vary from person to person. If you’ve had a sudden worsening of symptoms without anything obvious to account for it, such as overdoing things, or having an infection - even a cold - you might be having a relapse - assuming you have RRMS that is. It might be worth a call to your GP or MS nurse (if you have one) just to get on record it has happened. They won’t necessarily suggest anything is done about it immediately, as steroids are the only real treatment for a relapse. But how often you relapse might influence long-term treatment strategy. Tina

Pins and needles or sensations have always been my main symptom. Legs only been affected recent, I’ve been diagnosed nearly ten years now. The tightening in your chest sounds like the m.s hug. I feel you need to contact your m.s nurse. Some symptoms you learn to live with but there may be things that can help with others. And if it’s a relapse it needs noting for treatment options etc. xxx

Thanks guys