new symptom maybe


i’ve had rrms since 2008 and haven’t had too bad a time from it.

this winter seems to have lasted forever and i’ve been feeling physically low.

fortunately i assumed it was the weather to blame.

however following a burglary last friday once the stress reaction kicked in, i have a very strange sensation of feeling like my hands are gripping a live wire!

tingling and pins and needles have been with me from the start.

wonder if it’s worth telling my ms nurse because it was triggered by stress would it be classed as a pseudo relapse.

just want sympathy really

carole x

Hello Carole,

If it’s a stress reaction to your horrible burglary, then that would be completely natural.

But, it’s definitely worth telling your MS nurse about it. Relapse / pseudo relapse, both have real symptoms. The difference would be the potential treatment (if steroids, you’d maybe be happier without) and possibly the length of the symptom.

It could be that you can take something like Amitriptyline / increase the dose if you already take it, to help ease the systems. It’s the type of drug that does help with painful hands. Alternatively, gabapentin? Or something else? It’s maybe worth treating your hands with something to see if it helps.

Or it could be an actual relapse. I know you’re on Tecfidera, but a relapse is still possible. When I had relapses, the most likely time was the winter.

Regardless of what has caused it, you have all my sympathy. Both for your ongoing feelings of home invasion (yes I know we talk about invasions all the time but this is completely different), and for your poor hands.

Sue x

Hi Carole,

I’m so sorry about what happened. I know what a horrible sense of invasion this creates and how this is impacting on you.

I also know what the tingling, pins and needles feeling is like, as I have it myself all the time if I don’t take my pills. I agree with Sue, you should tell your MS Nurse and ask about medication for neuropathic pain.

You have all my sympathy.

Anthony x

thank you for the sympathy and for the advice.

i don’t want steroids because i have osteopaena which is just a step away from osteoporosis.

i haven’t been taking my neuropathic pain killers but tonight i’ll try an amitriptyline.

maybe phone ms nurse tomorrow.

the b*stard burglars stole my remission!


Take a couple of Amitriptyline now. Don’t wait till you go to bed, the longer they have to work through your system the less likely you’ll have an Ami hangover tomorrow. (Obviously I can’t answer for the gin!)

Sue x

Big hugs

Hey there Carole, here’s a big (((((HUG))))) for you, no wonder you feel down x. Can you telephone your MS nurse? The sooner he/she is aware of the problems, the quicker you can have professional support. The reactions you’re having, relating to tingling, feeling low, being burgled, the upset it caused and subsequent sensation of electric shocks to your hands, all affect your RRMS.

It might be worth mentioning to your MS Nurse of the meds that you take regularly, some now and again, and others that you leave out, with the reason why.

I smashed an ankle, plus Tibia & Fibia bones. The ortho consultant told me he noticed signs of osteoporosis when operating on the 3 broken bones. Now I take Calcium tablets twice each day to strengthen my bones. A density scan has proved my bones are in good condition for my age.

I wish you well Carole hope you can see your MS Nurse soon.

Chrissie x