is this a relapse?

Hi everybody,

I was dx with ms in October last year after a relapse which left me with pins and needles in my feet and a week left leg. I’ve also since developed a numb torso and pins and needles in two fingers of my left hand.

These are all still with me but I have seen a big improvement in my leg and the pins and needles in my feet were getting to the stage where I was beginning to hardly notice it most of the time.

That was until about a week ago the pins and needles in my feet I intensified as again til its nearly as bad as it was back in October. I’ve also been even more tired than usual and today my leg feels really weak again.

Is this a new relapse or just a continuation of the one that as started in September last year.

Thanks in advance for any advice, it is very much appreciated.

Ann Marie

hi ann marie

i really don’t know even though i was dx in 2008

if you’re worried, ring your ms nurse.

its always good to get changes noted on your medical records

carole x


I doubt it is a continuation after this long, it may well be a flare I agree with pigpen ring your ms nurse hun

good luck x