Pins and needles ??

Hello all, This is my first post. I got diagnosed about 6 months ago and luckily up until now haven’t had any relapses at all. I’m on no medication what so ever. A couple of days ago I woke up with pins and needles in both my legs. I didn’t think too much about it but now it has spread from the bottom of my rib cage down to my toes in both legs so Im thinking this is my first recognized relapse. Has anyone had anything similar and what do I do about it ? Many thanks.

Hi Lukey,

If it stays at just pins and needles, and doesn’t get any worse, then probably just get it on record it’s happened by alerting your MS nurse - or, if you don’t have one, your GP. They may not recommend anything is done about it at all, as the only real treatment for a relapse is steroids. These can have quite a lot of side effects, so unless your relapse is serious or disabling, they might not encourage you to go down that route. However, the fact you’ve had a relapse at all might influence what your neuro thinks should be done about long-term management of your condition. If you’re not on a DMD at all, he might suggest you start. If you are on one, he might suggest a change. On the other hand, he might not want to change anything, as long as it doesn’t get any worse, and just want to keep an eye on things.


Hi Lukey, my relapses have both been pins and needles. First time it faded over 6 weeks, second time it took longer, over a year. When it was bad I took gabapentin which helped. Speak to your doctor and see what they say, you do get used to it!

Hi guys Thanks very much for getting back to me. I haven’t yet been in touch with my ms nurse as I haven’t felt I needed to. I will contact them for a chat about it though. I must say its a relief to know that it’s not serious but am surprised to hear it can take a while to go. I’m also surprised that after my diagnosis I was was pretty much left to it and given no medication. I read a lot about the different types but there seems so many ?

And what I’m experiancing around my lower rib cage (pins and needles with a tightness) is that what they call the ms hug ?

Yes that’s the hug. The muscles in between your ribs are spasming. I found not moving helped and lots of rest. If it gets unbearable they’ll treat it with steroids if you ask. A lot of MS is wait & see. They don’t tend to give DMDs until you’ve had 2 major relapses.

Pins and needles suck, i have had it in both hands now for over a year, never goes away, by the sounds of it im stuck with it permantly, its a left over from the worst relapse i had

Luke., dont panic mate., i was numb from waist down when first diagnosed and couldn’t walk 200 ft without wanting to collapse. i m8 myself a job as dust man where i had no choice but to walk all day and tough as it was., im still here 28 years later and i cycle 100 miles minimum every week and have even done 100 miles non stop in 7 hours on my bike. laugh at your marks and Spencer s diseaandse like i do and you’ll be fine mate.! treat it like a death sentence and you can make it one. sorry for being blunt but just play the cards your dealt mate., its is possible to live a full life into old age mate.! cheers liam

hi lukey,

if your having discomfort from ms hug, i’d recommend trying to work through lots of CAREFUL stretches, i’ve found that it helps all different muscle spasm. if necessary, you could talk one or more of your gp/ms nurse/neurologist about using baclofen, or similar, to alleviate your spasm symtom.

all the best,

wendy x

Cheers guys You have all been very helpful !! I actually think that going on what I’ve read my symptoms are not that bad and so I feel quite lucky for now ? It’s nice to know I can have a chat with other people that have it. Other than my dad I’ve not told a soul? A bit embarrassed/ashamed I suppose I just don’t want people’s pitty feeling sorry for me. I’m a manager at a fairly highish ranking non league football club so I don’t want them knowing. I’m telling them to do things I know the chances are I can’t. But if ms wants a fight ill bloody give it one !! Cheers Luke