pins and needles / numbness

Morning fellow endurers, this is a new one for me (using the ms society blog) but since my nearest and next docs appointment is 2 weeks away (good old nhs) I just thought I’d ask if anybody else has experienced any pins and needle sensations.

I recently woke up with pins/needles/numbness in my left hand thumb and index fingers which is now like spreading over my hand and towards my wrist, need to be concerned? Having rtead a bit about this situation on google I’m hoping this will rectify itself given time? anyone any thoughts?


Hi Ronnie, sorry for your concern about pins and needles. Poor ol’ me…I have pins n needles, started as you describe…and what feels more like an infestation of creepy crawlies beneath my skin just about all over and about all the time, tend to think of it as the norm! Doesn’t really cause any problem, just irritation at constantly buzzing. That’s me, hopefully your’s will subside.

I call my pins and needles ‘ants’ (to be truthful, b****y ants!). It’s as if they are scurrying around wearing slippers but as the day goes on they change into stilettos, then hobnail boots with spikes on. When they’re really being nasty they hold flaming torches. Being sensible for a moment I find that if I massage some cream it helps.

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pins and needles were my first symptom and they are still with me ten years after diagnosis.

i look at it as a sign that i’m still alive!

kinda like “my legs are sh*t, so i’m alive”.

Ronnie, those were the symptoms that lead to my diagnoses. It has not gone away. Every time the symptoms increased I phoned the doctors and asked for a call from the ‘same day team’. Have you been diagnosed with ms ? There were loads of things they checked before looking into testing for ms.

Hi all, thanks for concerns and great comments, I got diagnosed back in 2006 following a big event losing my sight for 6 weeks and then all the test we have all been through (lp scans etc etc)

Pins and needles have now spread all over the left hand side of my body, now waiting for doctor to ring back!


Horrible sensation. Happily, my pins and needles in my feet stopped about 6 years ago, so the previous 10 years worth of crawling ants are gone.

Sadly, I haven’t been able to feel my feet for about 6 years. Still, you’ve got to take the rough with the smooth.

It wouldn’t be MS without crappy neuropathy.

I hope you get some steroids or something and this relapse (I’m assuming that’s what it is) will be over very soon.


Hi, glad you are getting a call back. I can’t imagine how scary the loss of eye sight must have been. Hope this relaps is over quickly & symptoms fully go away, all the very best, big hugs

Hi everyone. New to this group. Long story but woke Sunday feeling funny. Just Bla and dizzy and just unwell. My eyes started hurting and light was hurting it. Was pretty stressed out feeling tired and was snappy. Ended up having a argument with the hubby then all of a sudden got a funny pins and needles This was feet legs up to knee. Fongers wrists right up to elbow. This was scary then I got a full on migraine and neck pain. I went to bed thinking would be better by morning. Woke up twice through night (11 weeks baby) the numbness was still there but headache and neck ok. All day Monday was numb. Went a and e Tuesday told consultant my symptoms he got me an emergency mri to rule out epidural abscess and few other things. This was clear. No lesions or anything bad. Had a follow up today and another consultant (wasn’t very nice) basically said that’s clear and I’ve to go to gp and refer to neurology as he thinks it’s MS. He said this and left. I have so many questions. Surely it could be other things? Any one on here suffer from these or similar symptoms. Also I’ve been having awful abdo pain which is unbearable and apparently this is a symptom of of never thought would be linked x


In my humble opinion the second consultant was definitely not very nice (using your words). Suggest you visit your GP and follow their advice. In the meantime, hard though it’ll be, try and relax and concentrate on your family. Avoid stressful thoughts as much as you can.

Wishing you all the best.

Tippy x

Thanks for replying. I’m trying not to think about it. Apart from the pins and needles and numbness and slight vision change things are settling down. I’ll make a gp appointment in the morning and go from there x


I completely agree with Tippy. Keep in your mind that the MRI was reported as clear. MS comes with lesions that are picked up by an MRI.

See your GP, get a referral to a neurologist and hopefully you’ll soon be told it’s not MS.


thank you. Hope so x

off topic a bit - I wonder how many people who are dx’d with ppms have these m.s. type incidences - pins and needles, numbness etc but don’t seek medical advice at the time and don’t connect them with a subsequent dx of m.s.

off topic a bit - I wonder how many people who are dx’d with ppms have these m.s. type incidences - pins and needles, numbness etc but don’t seek medical advice at the time and don’t connect them with a subsequent dx of m.s.

I’m pretty mad that the dr has basically said I’ve got MS when I’ve researched and it could be any thing from low vitamins in the blood and stress and anxiety. Can’t get an appointment today. The pins and needles sensation is in my face and legs but now for some reason my arms are sensitive to touch. Even the slightest touch of my right arm isn’t very nice sensation. I’ve always had an excuse for every symptom I have except for the pins and needles. Recently had my third baby always tired abdo pain but out down to getting back to normal after baby. Head aches. Lack of sleep. Sore eyes. Lack of sleep. Blurred vision due to tiredness lack of sleep etc. Things are getting so bad now that I need answers. My eyes feel like I’ve been looking in to the sun. X I’m praying for it just to go. Even if I never have answers why I just want it all to go

I had pins and needles some time before taking them and other symptoms obviously synonymous with ms to dr’s. Told, too much info, we’ll concentrate on the p’s n n’s which is caused by thoracic nerve syndrome… we’ll rectify that by taking a rib out. Rib removed and pain in shoulder that never was is now a constant reminder that dr’s are not necessarily to be trusted. Ms diagnosed about two years later…poop!