Pins, needles, tingling....

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced these symptoms and it turned out to be MS? I have been having pins and needles and tingling sensations off and on for about 2 weeks. It happens for just a few minutes in my feet, hands, face (usually one area at a time randomly) then goes away. I’ve even woke up in the middle of the night with this. Of course when I’m thinking about it it’s worse. I went to my GP but she said she thought it was from high blood pressure. Put me on a blood pressure medication but the symptoms are still happening and my BP is fine. Does the tingling and pins and needles typically happen in one specific area for a while or can it jump around like this? This is driving me crazy!!

Your symptoms could be from any number of things, not necessarily MS. If you’re still worried you need to return to your GP, perhaps she may think you need further tests & investigation.


I used to get pins & needles in the soles of my feet and altered sensation in my hands many many many years before being diagnosed.

The pins & needles gradually went away by themselves, but the neuro who diagnosed me thinks it may of been the MS just poking its ugly head to the surface all them years ago and then laying dormant for years before kickiing off proper !